Some statistics from the 2008 election

In the course of a piece on Obama and Israel, Norman Podhoretz produced some interesting statistics from the 2008 election:

Obama received 78 percent of the Jewish vote. This was a staggering 35 points higher than the pro-Obama white vote in general (43 percent), and it was even 11 points higher than the Hispanic vote (67 percent). Only with blacks, who gave him 95 percent of their vote, did Obama do better than with Jews. The results were just as dramatic when broken down by religion as by race and ethnicity: Protestants gave 45 percent of their vote to Obama (33 points less than Jews), and Catholics gave him 54 percent (24 points less than Jews).

George Bush carried Catholics 52-47 in 2004, but apparently a lot has changed since then. It turns out that the Obama Catholic vote matched the majority given to Ronald Reagan in 1984. What a switch. Who would have thought it?

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