They can leave the cockpit door open on this airline

We were reading Bill Roggio on the civil war in Pakistan and noticed an ad on his website from an outfit previously unknown to us called Gryphon Airlines. Here’s a sample of their FAQ’s:

Q: What routes does Gryphon currently fly?

A: Gryphon currently flies one regular route between Kuwait City and Sather Air Force Base at BIAP in Baghdad, Iraq…

Q: Can you store my body armor / PPE for me?

A: Gryphon is not able to provide this service.

Q: Can I bring firearms on board a Gryphon flight?

A: All weapons and ammunition must be declared. If you plan to transport weapons on a Gryphon flight, please download the “Firearms Form“…Explosives are strictly prohibited. If any of these items are packed in checked-on baggage, they must be declared…

(Question: what fate would befall someone who tried to hijack a Gryphon flight?) Added bonus: Gryphon has stewardesses and a brochure.

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