CO2: 1 in 2500 molecules of air — Hey, let’s ban argon instead

Let’s start with this. Out of 10,000 parts, air is 7801 parts nitrogen, 2094 parts oxygen, 93 parts argon, and 4 parts carbon dioxide. Or, if you like, as we do, 1950 parts nitrogen, 524 parts oxygen, 23 parts argon, and one itsy-bitsy teeny-weenie part CO2. You’ve got to be pretty foolish or innumerate about a pleasant, helpful gas to think it’s destroying the earth. We’re not deniers, BTW, we’re just like MIT scientists, that’s all. So to recapitulate, air is 1 part CO2 and 2497 parts other stuff. There’s 23x more argon than CO2, so let’s ban the argon! Even the name sounds dangerous. Argon doesn’t feed plants, it doesn’t work for a living. Who knows what mischief it’s up to? Just get rid of it, dammit!!!

Imagine 10,000 little Tiffany boxes packed tightly together (here’s the data on atmosphere and we’re close enough). As of a hundred years ago, 9,997 were the distinctive blue and 3 were green. As of today, there are 9,996 blue boxes and 4 green boxes. Some say that there will be catastrophic changes to the earth because of this one additional green box among the 10,000 boxes. Absurd, you say!

The Tiffany Boxes are an entirely accurate mathematical representation of the atmosphere. The one extra green box is the precise proportionate amount of the additional CO2 in the atmosphere now. CO2, of course, is absolutely necessary for plant and animal life to exist on the planet. And the evidence of the harm of C02 is questionable, to say the least. It utterly fails the test of common sense that such a tiny additional amount of a thing so necessary for life could disrupt the course of an entire planet; if the earth were truly that vulnerable to microscopic changes, animal life should have been long gone by now.

Yet the scam marches on. And why shouldn’t it, considering the quality of the researchers and executive bureaucrats running science policy in the US. Yikes!

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  1. Zachriel Says:

    Oxygen and nitrogen are not greenhouse gases, as they are virtually unaffected by infrared radiation, so you can ignore more than 99% of your boxes. Greenhouse gases, those that absorb and emit infrared radiation, include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone, each with its own thermal footprint. Carbon dioxide constitutes about a fourth of the greenhouse effect.

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