That sinking feeling

From the President’s speech at the UN we learn that “rising sea levels threaten every coastline,” apparently causing islands to shrink and people to flee their homes as climate refugees:

On shrinking islands, families are already being forced to flee their homes as climate refugees.

What islands is Obama talking about? Tuvalu, which has seen a negligible 3cm rise in sea level over the last quarter century? Or perhaps dreary Kivalina, which has indeed been shrinking, though not because of global warming.

Apparently sea level increased by an average of 1.8mm a year over the last century. So if you were on an island like Tuvalu, which is 4.5m above sea level, you would be forced to “flee your home as a climate refugee” by the year 3000 or so. Better start running!

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    I am thinking Tuvalu has either attempted or has actually cashed in on the ‘damage’ global warming has done to their island. I am thinking it might be quite profitable to be a ‘climate refugee’. Especially if you are a person of color.

  2. Steve Says:

    More ideology-driven claptrap from those who care less for the pain of others than for preserving their opposition to environmentalists. It should be obvious to anyone with just a smidgen of sense that no island is “4.5m above sea level” over all of its territory. And even an “average” sea level increase of 1.8 mm per year (which would be considerably more rapid these days) amounts to 4.5 cm in a quarter century, not the stated 3 cm. However, it will be far worse than that in the next 25 years because Arctic waters have had an influx of subtropical water carried north by westward branches of the Gulf Stream. The temperature of the water that flows into the Arctic has increased by as much as 3.5 degrees F (2 degrees C) since the 1990s, says Helge Drange, professor of oceanography at Norway’s University of Bergen. “This can only be understood as a combined effect of natural variability and manmade warming,” he says.

    Take a look too at

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