Apparently not a parody

New Scientist describes eco-crimes you are committing but are probably unaware of. These include drinking coffee, using toilet paper, wasting food, wearing clothes, and watching big-screen TV’s:

the average cup of black filter coffee is still responsible for 125 grams of CO2 emissions. Of this, two-thirds comes from production and most of the rest from brewing. Opting for the more prosaic joys of instant coffee reduces that figure to around 80 grams. Yet that still means a six-a-day caffeine habit clocks up more than 175 kilograms of CO2 each year. That’s the equivalent of a flight across Europe — from London to Rome, say. Add milk, and the methane belched by dairy cows means you increase your coffee’s climate-changing emissions by more than a third…

Of all the facets of overconsumption that plague both human society and the global environment, food wastage is the most shocking…Potatoes top the pile, with 359,000 tonnes going uneaten each year. Bread and apples are not far behind. Meat and fish are next, accounting for over 160,000 tonnes, followed by 78,000 tonnes of cooked rice and pasta. A staggering 4.8 billion grapes go the same way, as do 480 million yogurts and 200 million rashers of bacon…40,200 tonnes of milk are wasted each year in the UK, adding up to the equivalent of 40,000 tonnes of CO2. This is comparable to the annual CO2 emissions of 10,000 cars, or of flying 30,000 people from London to New York and back.

Apparently this is not meant as a parody of the Professor Alan Sokal sort. Of course, if CO2 turns out to be as trivial an environmental matter as we and some others think, the biggest “wastage” of all just might be the time the authors spent in gathering and thinking about the data. (HT: Belmont Club)

2 Responses to “Apparently not a parody”

  1. MarkD Says:

    Ground Al Gore, I’ll drink my coffee, and world equilibrium is undisturbed.

    That statement is no more ridiculous than fat Albert flying around the world trying to tell me how to live.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    One wonders how they calculate how many tons of say, potatoes, goes uneaten? Moral of the story is to clean up your plate for the sake of the environment, I suppose. But what if the increased food intake increases flatulence? Hmmm…. Flatulence is a greenhouse gas is it not? Anyway, even if the tons wasted are true, I wonder what that works out to per consumer per meal?

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