It’s not just Harvard and MIT; it’s Yale too

About a million years ago, in 1968, things were different. There was a headline in the Crimson “Harvard Wins 29 – 29″ about the November 23 Harvard-Yale Game that year, as well as amusing editorials from 1905, and articles by the like of James K. Glassman.

Now it’s apparently all resentment, hysteria, and tragi-comic self absorbtion. This from the Yalie Daily via Powerline. The usual suspects went berserk when a PC professor’s contract didn’t get renewed:

Contrast these efforts with the reaction following the denial of tenure to Mary Habeck, a popular professor of American and European military history, in April 2004, just about the same time Allen made her case public. Not a peep of protest was heard from Locals 34 and 35, GESO, the UOC, Mayor DeStefano or anyone else claiming to be concerned about diversity, and this lack of outcry underscores the intellectual hollowness of these groups’ entire agenda.

Why no outrage? Well, for one, Habeck’s skin pigmentation is not the proper hue. Equally considerable is the fact that she teaches the “wrong” sort of history, that is, the type dominated by dead white men and peppered with tropes of “elitism.” Had Habeck decided to instead specialize in the communal agricultural practices of transgendered Native Americans in pre-colonial America, there is little doubt that those currently barging into various administrators’ offices would have done the same for her last April. At the very least, Habeck would have secured a visiting professorship with the Larry Kramer Initiative for Gay and Lesbian Studies.

Guys and gals at Yale: hey, remember, people with tenure in the trendy social sciences are lagging indicators of the real world. Wake up! Oh well, reality will do that to them soon enough — but what a waste of time, talent, and the incredible resources of our great universities. You’ll never get this opportunity again, and you are squandering it on drivel.

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