Strange gods before me: the delusional religions of Eason Jordan, the Global Warming crowd, and the Islamists

Eason Jordan, the Global Warming crowd, and the Islamists live in a fantasy world in which they are righteous victims of an evil god. They are not all in agreement about who the true God is — except maybe on the deep level where it is their narcissistic egos — but they sure know who the evil god is.


The sphere is abuzz with the Eason Jordan claim that American soldiers are killing journalists. Try LGF for a taste. I’ve commented on it previously (adding Bill Moyers and Sy Hersh to the mix), and have a post from April 2003 with excerpts of Jordan’s NYT op-ed. The justaposition of these two sets of statements is startling and revealing. Jordan fantasizes a thing — American oppression and murder — and complains about it, and meanwhile, he permitted real people to be killed for many years by Saddam Hussein, and said nothing about it until Saddam had been dispatched by the US military.

Jordan was perfectly to contented to be a real victim of a dictator (though he could have stopped it by removing his people from Iraq), and, when not a real victim, makes up outlandish tales that portray him as a victim.

The GW crowd

Global warming is real. But then again, so is global cooling. That is why you have, in the space of 30 years, both a greenhouse! crisis and an ice age! crisis. In the last forty years, carbon dioxide has increased dramatically from 316 parts per million to 376 ppm, because of America! — how dare you say that’s not a crisis? Um, just why am I supposed to believe that the almost undetectable increase of 60 parts per million in CO2 has any meaning in an atmosphere with 780,000 parts per million of nitrogen and oxygen is 210,000 parts per million. Go read The Skeptical Environmentalist or the popular State of Fear and let’s talk.

The GW crowd are, in their minds, victims of some inchoate oppression of the great and evil god of America who is going to do something really bad to them in a future in which the cataclysm is always conveniently thirty or fifty years down the road. They are victims in Volvos.

The Islamists

the Islamists are victims of modernity itself and all the fabulous wealth being spread across the globe by American capitalism. Here’s what the Wahhabi losers are printing up at San Diego mosques (from the New York Sun via LGF):

The mosques maintain libraries or racks of literature for parishioners, and often run religious schools for Muslims. The doctrine they teach is one of unending conflict. “It is basic Islam to believe that everyone who does not embrace Islam is an unbeliever and must be called an unbeliever, and that they are enemies to Allah, his Prophet, and the believers,” reads one document published by the Saudi government and available to worshippers at a San Diego mosque. “That is why the one who does not call the Jews and the Christians unbelievers is himself an unbeliever.”

As we’ve pointed out, this fantasy ideology is almost meaningless in today’s world, even if the United States ceased to exist. The pathetic Arab countries (soon not to include Iraq in the pathetic catergory — yay!) have 500 million people and a non-oil GDP less than Finland. Yet they think they are going to impose a 7th century caliphate (Singapore’s PM Goh Chok Tong) around the world. As we’ve written previously: what are they going to do when all the infidels are rich? Americans, with our $11 trillion GDP don’t want any of their nonsense, the billion plus Chinese with their $6.5 trillion GDP aren’t buying it, nor the billion Hindus in India, and so on. No wonder they focus on a sliver of the world’s 13 million Jews; it keeps their challenges bite-sized.

The uniting factor

What unites these men is a religious belief, but it is not a positive religion. They believe rather in their own sacred victimhood. The world isn’t going their way, and therefore the world is wrong. Imagine how sick your soul must be to allow actual murders but fantasize made-up murders to elevate your moral view of yourself. Imagine spending your life masochistically fantasizing about cataclysms and disasters a century down the road during the time in which American capitalism has produced the greatest prosperity, longevity and cleanest environment in human history. Imagine the sick satisfaction of the motorcycle gangs of Islamism when they see their bloodlust and head-chopping televised by Jordan’s network.

Choosing to see yourself as a victim is profoundly wrong, both psychologically and morally. You abdicate moral responsibility by doing so, and are able to justify any abuse you inflict on others. Further, you can never grow up to be a man, or woman, if you insist that unseen forces, such as America, capitalism or the Jews and infidels, are the cause of all your problems. Finally, you can never be happy in such a life. In the end, happiness is a choice. It is a choice that begins with gratitude toward God for your life and its many blessings.

Making a golden calf of yourself and your victimhood is enormously destructive. Maybe that’s why it appeared in number one on Moses’ list.

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