Radicalized by the Radicals

San Francisco writer and resident Cinnamon Stillwell recounts her conversion to our way of seeing the world. Her starting point is instructive:

Having been indoctrinated in the postcolonialist, self-loathing school of multiculturalism, I thought America was the root of all evil in the world. Its democratic form of government and capitalist economic system was nothing more than a machine in which citizens were forced to be cogs.

Cinnamon came a long way in a short time because of 9-11. The strange nature of her former allies became jarring:

The pro-Palestinian sympathies of the left had led to a bizarre commingling of pacifism, Communism and Arab nationalism. So it was not uncommon to see kaffiyeh-clad college students chanting Hamas slogans, graying hippies wearing “Intifada” T-shirts, Che Guevera backpacks, and signs equating Zionism with Nazism, all against a backdrop of peace, patchouli and tie-dye.

It is a very nice piece, and it stands in for many others as an expression of wonderment at how the world has been turned on its head, with the Left as today’s reactionaries, and conservatives as radicals. Here’s another article of hers; this piece is on a speech by Daniel Pipes at Berkeley last year:

— When Pipes brought up the need to support moderate Muslims over those who subscribe to militant Islam, they booed.
— When he brought up the need to improve the status of women in Islamic countries, they booed.
— When he warned that peace in the Middle East would never be achieved as long as the Palestinians continued to subscribe to a ”cult of death,” they booed.
— When he mentioned Middle East Studies professors who have been arrested under terrorism charges, they booed.
— When he discussed the need to combat Islamic terrorism, they booed.
— When he referred to the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks as subscribers to militant Islam, they booed and shouted ”Zionism”–no doubt a reference to the myth that Jews were behind the attacks.
— When Pipes brought up CampusWatch.org, the website he founded to provide a voice for students feeling oppressed by their leftist professors, they shouted out ”McCarthyism” and of course ”racist” yet again.
— And when he mentioned Iraqis’ ”liberation” from Saddam Hussein’s tyranny, they booed even louder.

Hard times for the Old Left after January 30.

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