Praying that they remove “under God” and the Ten Commandments

We have not written a lot about judicial appointments by the Bush Administration or on court decisions. Basically we find ourselves in agreement with the center-right legal folks like Hugh Hewitt and Powerline, and we have a a whole lot less expertise, so, like you, we just read them. And Captain Ed has the hilarious k-k-k-krazy klansman Robert “Sheets” Byrd covered, so there is not much to add there.

However, there are two little points we’d like to add.

First, note this piece in the WSJ by Quin Hillyer from the Mobile Register, which states that Bill Pryor has a lot of broadbased bipartisan support in his home state of Alabama. Contrast that with this hysterical Action Alert from the NAACP or the hysterical threat by Chuck Shumer to block all Bush judicial nominations. Now, we understand of course that Pryor is a particular bete noire because of his clear and outspoken condemnation (York) of Roe v. Wade. But what is interesting to us is this: if you are a moderate Democrat in Alabama, you count for nothing. The national party couldn’t care less about your opinion. So don’t look for a Democratic resurgence in the South any time soon.

Second, we think that hysteria is a perfectly appropriate reaction to developments in the judiciary. The Democrats have been on a ten-year losing streak in electoral politics, and nothing points to that ending soon. The monopoly of the Old Media, with its powerful megaphone, to reinforce Democratic voting preferences, is destroyed: it lies in the ruins of SwiftBoatVets and Rathergate. The losing streaks of the Party and its media wing are about to be extended to the judiciary.

The leading indicator of political change was the Gingrich revolution in 1994, as we have written. The coincident indicator of change was the loss of 3-4 million Democrats to Bush in 2004. The lagging indicator of change is the rear-guard actions taking place in those institutions shielded by tenure from popular opinion, namely the universities and the federal judiciary. Ward Churchill is going down hard, and he will take a lot of other frauds with him. Similarly, we hope for a Democratic filibuster, and for the Supremes to modify the Pledge of Allegiance and take the jackhammers to the Ten Commandments — these would make the coming changes happen a little faster.

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