Another government department to downsize

The Cincinnati Reds won the National League Central Division title and hilarity ensued:

The Cincinnati Health Department will investigate the Cincinnati Reds for violations of the state smoking ban…A lot of players could be seen on TV smoking the cigars, and Reds owner Bob Castellini was passing them out. But video doesn’t affect the investigation — the health inspector has to actually see someone smoking…

Five people called a statewide smoking ban complaint hotline…State law requires a health inspector to go out within 30 days at about the same time of day as the alleged violation, Merz said. That means an inspector might be attending one of the playoff games to see if anyone is smoking then…

If the inspector sees someone smoking, the Reds will be sent a letter notifying them of the violation, which the team can appeal. No fine is attached to any initial violation. If another complaint is filed and an inspector responds again to the ballpark and sees someone smoking, the Reds could be fined $100.

Well, well, well. More government jobs that can be eliminated (join the FTC and the New York street sign people at the unemployment office). Ohio, with its 10% unemployment rate, is affluent enough to run a needless multi-million dollar bureaucratic operation that collects hundred dollar fines in person? What a joke.

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  1. Scott Says:

    The waste of money is indeed typical of most government efforts to save the humans who are less intelligent than the typical “Brilliant Bureaucrat”. How evil to think that a bunch of ball players might suck down a couple of stogies, we bettter do something about it!!!!

    The sad part is the destruction of individual rights. Those “Brilliant Bureaucrats”, being so much smarter than everyone else have decided that an individual has no rights. That they, the brilliant ones, will replace the small thoughts of the individual with their vision of the perfect world. In the smoking case, taking away the right of a business owner to determine if his business will be smoking or non. Soon they will deicde on “fat food” for us. In decades past, it was prohibition or how to have sex. In decades future it will be what plays in our I-pods.

    And spending $500 of your taxes to collect a $100 fine is how they will do it. Tax away the purchase power of the wealthy. We can’t do anything about it. It doesn’t have to make sense to us common folk, only to those brilliant bureaucrats who are sure they know more than the rest of us!

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