Boy Assad: the real Chimpy McBushitler

Whose invasion of a Middle East country, killing a revered leader, and pretending to have local support for the liberation and protection of that country, have sparked a spotaneous and overwhelming uprising of the Arab Street? Whose catastrophic miscalculation brought about such a ruinous result? Was it President Chimpy’s invasion of Iraq?

Uh, no. Chimpy is regarded rather differently. Former Timesman Youssef M. Ibrahim, writing in the WaPo, via Taranto:

“His talk about democracy is good,” an Egyptian-born woman was telling companions at the Fatafeet (or “Crumbs”) restaurant the other night, exuberant enough for her voice to carry to neighboring tables. “He keeps hitting this nail. That’s good, by God, isn’t it?” At another table, a Lebanese man was waxing enthusiastic over Bush’s blunt and irreverent manner toward Arab autocrats. “It is good to light a fire under their feet,” he said.

From Casablanca to Kuwait City, the writings of newspaper columnists and the chatter of pundits on Arabic language satellite television suggest a change in climate for advocates of human rights, constitutional reforms, business transparency, women’s rights and limits on power.

Chimpy done good. As for Boy Assad, here’s the thanks he’s gotten (via Captain Ed):

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  1. Richard Weil Says:

    Quoting 2 unnamed people as justification for an agressive war is rather poor. Sure, getting rid of a horrible butcher (whom the U.S. consistently helped) is fine, but having no idea what to do then is terrible. Would you be happy if Martians invaded and forced a demonstratably better government on us? Anyway, talk is a lot cheaper than doing something useful, like solar and wind power at the expense of our so-called Saudi friends. Not this government.

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