Suicide by chart — “confession oozes from every pore”

You’ve heard of suicide by cop. Consider this — the Climategate folks may have committed suicide by chart. To paraphrase Freud, despite our best efforts to conceal, confession oozes from every pore.

Everyone is familiar with the famous and alarming hockey stick graph. But hidden in plain sight in that chart is the disappearance of the Medieval Warm Period, when the weather became so warm that the Vikings were able to sail to Newfoundland. Making that well-documented period disappear from the chart looks in retrospect like a cry for help.

As for the silliness about CO2, remember the lesson of the Tiffany boxes. (Regarding the underlying issue, we’re somewhat agnostic as to whether warming or cooling is currently going on; we also regard the matter as overblown in the sense that there is no way that the biggest polluter is going to trade one decimal point of GDP growth for emission reduction, which renders the international policy debate moot.)

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