The tsunami, the animals, and the humans

We’ve written about the coming debt crisis of the cities and states. CBS took a look at the problem and produced a pretty good piece on 60 Minutes. Meredith Whitney says that the dominoes will begin to fall in the next 12 months, and that 50 to 100 defaults may occur.

Politics seems crazy at the moment. The Democrats have spent like drunken sailors; the Republicans (with a few exceptions) refuse to talk about just how they are going to cut debt levels and entitlements, for fear they will be sound-bitten to death. There’s a lot of heat, but not much light, as both sides seem to be in various sorts of denial.

It is said that just before the tsunami hit a few years ago, some animals sensed what was coming and ran inland. As the video above demonstrates, a lot of humans either pretend that the calamity isn’t approaching, or just stand there yelling — but taking no action as they watch the predictable destruction come closer and closer. Apparently it’s the way humans are.

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  1. MarkD Says:

    Public sector unions think they will get what they’ve negotiated, regardless of the ability of the populace to pay. With an effective unemployment/underemployment rate of near 20 percent, how is that going to work?

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