The infidels will be killed until the infidels develop a spine

England is currently living in a warped version of the 1938 movie Angels with Dirty Faces. In the original version, James Cagney plays Rocky Sullivan, a thug and gangster whose life of crime eventually gets him fried, though he’s a big shot for a while. Pat O’Brien plays Father Jerry Connelly, Sullivan’s friend who tries to turn him from his life of crime before it is too late. Sullivan won’t be turned. At one point he says: ‘Morning, gentlemen. Nice day for a murder.

In England the thugs also kill people, but the plot has been updated and perverted. The crime bosses turn out to be guys dressed up in clerical garb who spout mumbo-jumbo about it being the thugs’ sacred duty to destroy the society they live in. And the plot is further perverted: the cops don’t throw the crime bosses in the hoosegow; instead, otherwise sensible people want to try to be sensitive and understand the feelings of a “lost generation.” They want to explain to the thugs that the thugs own belief that their killing will be rewarded with riches and girls is based on an “outrageous falsehood.” Yeah, fat chance that’ll work when their crime bosses (and spiritual leaders) are telling them just the opposite.

Imagine how great it must be today to be one of these 20 year old punks in England. You get to blow up things and people, and the better classes seek to understand you. Imagine how much greater it is to be one of the crime bosses. Just say “Iraq” or “Afganistan” or “unemployment” or “Palestine” or “right of return” or “discrimination” or “Andalusia” or whatever strikes your fancy, and you’ll get a conference to study your grievance and a government stipend. Sweet!

We have been critical at the silent or cooperative attitude of many Muslims in the face of their neighborhood being taken over by organized crime. But really, what do we have a right to expect when the infidels are so craven themselves?

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