Democrats’ most important voting bloc: waiting to be fractured?

The Republican establishment has shied away from the issue of illegal immigration, as have the Democrats. Both the D’s and R’s have been on the wrong side of the issue, as these parents’ emotions show. The issue is not race: it is illegality. Indeed, it should not be a partisan issue at all. However, the party that gets with the program on the Illegality Issue will win new voters. The bonus for the GOP is that, were that party to take the lead, it might also win converts in the Democrats’ single most important voting bloc.

From the LAT:

For two hours, members of the audience of blacks, whites and Latinos spoke with a vehemence usually reserved for the dinner table — or late-night talk radio shows. They publicly aired views that are often muttered in L.A. but not spoken out loud. Councilman Bernard C. Parks, who sat on the meeting’s panel, voiced the view of many in the city’s political elite: “We should not pit groups against each other. Why do we have to look at it as blacks lose, Hispanics win? No one wins in this city without a coalition.”

But the audience of about 80, almost evenly divided among the three groups, had already formed a coalition — of anger. People would heckle Parks for the rest of the evening. Terry Anderson, a radio host who has long opposed illegal immigration, was one of several panel members who blamed illegal immigrants for, in their opinion, stealing jobs from blacks and crowding schools and neighborhoods to unbearable limits. “We have been invaded; there’s no other word for it,” Anderson said. The audience clapped and cheered.

Debbie Hernandez, a white member of the audience, said: “Blacks are losing their middle-class status because of illegal aliens. I am willing to go to the streets with my brothers and sisters over this.” Sherrie Johnson, a resident of Torrance, told Parks, “You aren’t taking a stand for the right side of the argument. “I believe the purpose of going through the steps to become a citizen is because it protects the country,” she said…..

Members of the audience repeatedly asked one panel member, Richard Alonzo, a district superintendent in the Los Angeles Unified School District, to reveal the number of students in L.A. schools who are illegal immigrants or to find out. He said the district doesn’t collect that information.

One questioner asked him for budget numbers, insisting they would prove that educating Latinos was more expensive than teaching other students. It’s a premise that Alonzo said was wrong. The numbers matter, Peterson said, because black students attend schools overcrowded by those who have no right to be there. Peterson, who moderated the discussion, is well known in the conservative media, appearing on Fox television talk shows as well as his own syndicated radio program.

“A lot of black boys and girls are dropping out, and it’s because their classes are overwhelmed with illegal Hispanics,” Peterson said. “Black children are mad about that; black parents are mad about that.”

As these citizens make clear, it’s not about race; it’s about Illegality. (HT: Polipundit)

2 Responses to “Democrats’ most important voting bloc: waiting to be fractured?”

  1. M. Simon Says:


    Americans don’t give a fig about it.

    Any one remember alcohol prohibition? Any one at all?

    BTW until you repeal the profit motive people are going to cross borders if it is profitable.

    Ever hear of the drug war? We won it in 1995. Congress promised in 1988. Would your government lie to you?


    It is all about Republican Socialism. Price supports for criminals. In this case coyotes.


    BTW I voted Bush in the last election. Doesn’t mean I think the Rs are perfect.

  2. M. Simon Says:

    BTW would you rather have Mexicans steeped in the American Constitution or the Mexican one?

    We do gain benefits from Mexicans who are trained in American culture.

    Given that in time Mexico and the USA are coming together I’d say (other than the expense bourne by the locals) that this is a good idea.

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