Help us win a bet

A friend of this site has told us that we are out of touch with much that goes on in the broader world outside politics. He has bet us $100 that we can’t identify this person, apparently a well-known international singer and actress:

He has given us the following additional information: this person was born in India, has acted on the stage in the US and UK, been in the acting business since age 8, travelled to almost every US state, has numerous CD’s and DVD’s to her credit, has been famous for decades in her native land, is about 35 years old and was born on May 26, and adopted her niece when her older sister died. Despite all this information, we have no clue who she is, and only 72 hours to find out and win the bet. Let us know if you recognize this celebrity. (Of course, given who made this wager with us, it could all be a hoax.) Thanks!

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  1. Ian Hamet Says:

    If it’s not a hoax, it at least has elements of truth. I recall a story in the last two years about an actress adopting her late sister’s kid, and I think it was a Bollywood actress. Can’t find the reference, now, and I’m no expert on Bollywood.

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