Time for the Able Danger team to go public

Mike Kelly, a long time columnist for the Bergen Record, has an interview with one of the eleven Able Danger team members. If the facts are true, this seems to be yet another blockbuster, with real-time knowledge of Atta’s movements around New Jersey, his mail drops and shopping habits, as well as the itinerary of his terror-planning meetings. Moreover, the military man giving Kelly this briefing does NOT appear to be the same fellow who briefed the Commission staff in mid-2004, just before the Commission’s report was completed (discussed below). Here is an excerpt:

A former member of the military intelligence team told me in an interview that it had enough data to raise suspicions. “But we were blocked from passing it to the FBI.” The connect-the-dots tracking by the team was so good that it even knew Atta conducted meetings with the three future hijackers. One of those meetings took place at the Wayne Inn. That’s how close all this was – to us and to being solved, if only the information had been passed up the line to FBI agents or even to local cops…..

[T]he computer sleuths noticed four names – Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, Khalid al-Mihdar and Nawaf al-Hazmi. All four turned out to be hijackers. Atta and al-Shehhi took a room at the Wayne Inn. They rented a Wayne mail drop, too, and even went to Willowbrook Mall. Al-Mihdar and al-Hazmi took rooms at a motel on Route 46 in South Hackensack….

On the phone last week, the former Able Team member I interviewed told a depressing story of that cooperation that never took place. His story, he says, tells us just how close U.S. officials could have come to breaking up the 9/11 plot before it unfolded. But there was one problem: The U.S. government did not want to hear what this sleuth and his 10 teammates had to say – before and even after the 9/11 plot.

By mid-2000, the Able Danger team knew it had important information about a possible terrorist plot. Because of a peculiar series of computer links that went through Brooklyn, the team began referring to the four future hijackers as the “Brooklyn cell.” Their movements and communications were raising too many suspicions…..

The commission’s staff, he says, ignored him when he approached them on two occasions to spell out Able Danger’s work. Another target are Pentagon lawyers. The sleuth says he and other Able Danger team members became so concerned during the summer of 2000 that they asked their superiors in the Pentagon’s special operations command for permission to approach the FBI. Their superiors approached Pentagon legal experts. Those experts turned down the request.

This appears to be getting quite serious. Now we have at least two military officers telling how they were dissed by the 9-11 Commission staff. It is not possible for all parties to be telling the truth. It is time for the Able Danger team to go public. The non-public military officers making these allegations need to come forward: they should be either given kudos, or drummed out and prosecuted. If they are telling the truth, we frankly don’t understand why this has not happened yet. They can’t be treated worse than the SwiftBoatVets — hey, maybe John O’Neill can write their story; it’s sure to be #1 at Amazon.

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  1. Media Lies Says:

    If this is true, then Able Danger….

    ….was worse than we thought.IT STILL SEEMS all so close.


  2. vincenzo4 Says:

    This is yet another example of the countless discouraging events in a continual downward spiral of national security since the 1960s [ http://cicentre.com/ST/STAFF_Wannall.htm ] by a very determined internal effort. My parents were both liberal democrats-undoubtedly they would be horrified at their party’s machinations in the last administration alone, and would not be party members today.

    I would like to see Grand Juries and Congressional hearings resulting in Indictments, Information for Criminal Malfeasance and Treason; consequences for abandonment of principle in public service and elected officials.

    Honor, character and principal is essential our unique society.

    If George Washington and his humble, poverty laden army has such a risk-averse, politically correct, imposed guilt ridden and manipulated, genuflecting intelligence service, he would have never fired the first shot. It is time to get out of bed with “Edward The Longshanks” (Braveheart analogy) and be an American.

    If Churchill (himself a liberal) has tolerated such ridiculousness, his society would have been emaciated and on-existent. Like our current President, Churchill had to convince and argue that it is important to fight and not appease.

    Why have they erased China Gate from the American mentality and hammer Watergate with every passionate opportunity?

    Wake up or die in your sleep.

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