Guess who

Our country has been overtaken by murderous thugs….gangsters who lust after fortunes and power; never caring that their addictions are at the expense of our loved ones, and the blood of innocent people near and far. We’ve watched these thugs parade themselves before the whole world as if they are courageous advocates for Christian moral values….and for the spread of democracy. Yet we all know that they are now putting in place, all across this country, a system of voting that provides no way to validate the accuracy of the counting of the votes. Our loved ones have been buried in early graves even as these arrogant thugs parade themselves before the entire world, insisting that democracy is worth dying for, killing for, and destroying entire cities for, all the while they are busy here at home overseeing the emplacement of an electronic voting system that invites fraud at every turn, an electronic vote-counting system that provides no way to validate the votes cast, and that, by it’s very design, prohibits recounting the votes.

For these men to not see to it that our own system of voting and vote-counting is accurate, understandable and verifiable…all the while sending our loved ones to kill and to die so as to establish a democracy in some far away place……this is just one more staggering piece of evidence that the US government is now ruled by murderous hypocrites…criminals who should be arrested, charged appropriately, confined behind bars, and then tried in a court of law…not only here in our own country, but also in all the other countries which have suffered their incomprehensible greed.

In their secret hiding places, while celebrating newly won fortunes with their fellow brass, these men must surely congratulate themselves with orgies of carnal pleasure as they mock the multitudes who are yet so blind as to mistake them for God’s devoted servants.

3 Responses to “Guess who”

  1. Mike H. Says:

    Why is she talking about G-d. I thought that G-d was anathema to liberals? His mere name could lead the utterer to become a liberal excommunicant.

  2. larwyn Says:

    Is this Cindy channeling Krugman or Krugman channeling Cindy?

  3. bob clarke Says:

    Leave it to the Democrats to pimp the dead body of an American Soldier to the media.

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