Burkett to Starr to Lukasiak to Mapes to Rather to Disgrace

As early as September 22 of last year, we had specified the time frame of Bill Burkett’s forging of the Rathergate memos in August of 2004. The time frame, as we see with more hindsight, was even a little tighter: Burkett wrote the memos between August 14 and August 23 of 2004. We had previously given Burkett two more days, but we know from the official report that: “On Monday, August 23, Mapes learned that Lieutenant Colonel Burkett was rumored to have important documents regarding the President’s TexANG service.”

Why are we bringing up this old news, you ask. It turns out that Paul Lukasiak sent us yesterday the answer to a question we had long been wondering about: how did he know Mary Mapes and put her on the trail of the Burkett memos. He told us in part:

When I started doing research on Bush’s military records, I contacted David “Hack” Hackworth to ask him if he refer me to someone who could help me understand some of the nomenclature used in Air Force policy and procedure manuals. He referred me to Roger Charles, who unbeknowst to me at the time, was working as a military consultant for 60 Minutes II. After examining my research and finding it highly credible, he brought it to the attention of Mary Mapes. (This all happened well before I had published anything btw.)

According to the CBS report, Lukasiak “told Mapes that another blogger, Linda Starr, had seen new TexANG documents regarding President Bush.” Starr had in turn known Burkett since at least 2000. So Lukasiak is correct: “No big conspiracy.” He and Mapes knew each other for some time, Starr and Burkett knew each other for some time, so when Starr told Lukasiak about the Burkett memos, Lukasiak of course passed on the new information to Mapes, setting off the entire Rathergate saga.

Much of the information about Rathergate continues to be available online, with one important exception, the actual piece that Burkett wrote for Linda Starr and Online Journal that appeared on August 25. It has disappeared entirely, as this link demonstrates. All that we have now are remnants of the piece, this one via Ed Morrissey:

George W. Bush, you may be the president [sic]. But I know that you lied.

I know from your files that we have now reassembled, the fact that you did not fulfill your oath, taken when you were commissioned to “obey the orders of the officers appointed over you”. I know that you not only lied to the American people in 1994, but have lied consistently since then. Mr. Bush, not every serviceman except you is incompetent. When you failed to show up as ordered for duty, they simply recorded the truth. And the truth was, they didn’t think you were especially important enough to jeopardize their own careers to cover for your absence by fraudulently counting you as present in any piece of documentation when you clearly were not present.

Now Mr. Bush, we have finally confirmed the truth concerning your failure to complete your minimum satisfactory drill participation in 1972 and 1973.

Unfortunately for Burkett, he “reassembled” the Bush files with all sorts of mistakes, like the OER / OETR whopper and others of great fame. Burkett left all sorts of smoking guns that were easily discovered. On the other hand, we like to think of the disappearance of Burkett’s August 25 accusatory article for Online Journal as the dog that didn’t bark, the gun that stopped smoking.

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  1. larwyn Says:

    Subj: CNN & NBC”volunteer PR”to Lousiana Dems;Blanco,Nagin, Landrieu et al
    Date: 9/18/05 1:43:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time

    Frank Rich provides CNN’s and NBC’s plans. Only question “Will CBC and ABC
    play “can you top this”?

    “(NBC and CNN are both opening full-time bureaus in New Orleans.)”……..Frank Rich, NYT 9/18/05

    CNN ? Hmmmm…….Aren’t these the people that keep quiet about Saddam for more than 10 years? Yeah they are ones!

    Q: NBC? Hmmmm……..Walter Cronkite’s network?

    A by Frank Rich:
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    September 17, 2005
    Louisiana DHS Officials Under Indictment As Levees Broke
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    Now the Los Angeles Times reports that several officials of the Louisiana state Department of Homeland Security had already been indicted on charges of misappropriation of government funds, waste, and mismanagement. FEMA had sent millions of dollars to Louisiana to help them prepare for an event like Katrina, but no one knows what happened to the cash:

    ROGER L SIMON forgets “Moses Wine” hat:
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    ONE OF THE: “Black Elites Behaving Badly”:

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    Donna & Wolf on “SITUATION ROOM” – AFTERNOON OF SEPT 6TH,2005:

    She is native of LA and began her story that her sister, who is in personal
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    She went into where other members of the family were scattered.But, it is the Brazille way that they all either went together or none would leave.

    OK. She then became very joyful that the Governor arranged to have the individual family members picked up, in addition to the sister and got them all together to evacuate.She was speaking as if Blanco were Mother Teresa. That this showed what a great lady and governor she is. You can envision Wolfless’s smiling glow hearing such a lovely tale ……………

    skimming Gateway Pundit re Jessie Jackson
    I see the “foreigners to front of line” item and I hope that someone has already
    reported on this show of hubris.

    (BY BRAZILLE AND BLITZER)All these state employees out gathering up members of the selfish, think “we should get special treatment” family.

    Message: I Care About the Black Folks
    The worst storm in our history proved perfect for exposing this president because in one big blast it illuminated all his failings

    Me: And we thank you Mr. Rich for illuminating the Dem’s strategy to
    keep the money of Louisiana and New Orleans rolling into their pockets.
    Good Work.

    Click here: Message: I Care About the Black Folks – New York Times

  2. OhBloodyHell Says:

    Much of the information about Rathergate continues to be available online, with one important exception, the actual piece that Burkett wrote for Linda Starr and Online Journal that appeared on August 25. It has disappeared entirely, as this link demonstrates. All that we have now are remnants of the piece, this one via Ed Morrissey:

    Never forget the Wayback machine:


    Note that there is a non-working pdf link. I’d suggest that this be saved in various places lest someone attempt to eradicate this bit of datum in a typically 1984ish slow revision of history.

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