From Eason Jordan to Ted Turner: kowtowing to the Dear Leader

Ted Turner describes North Korea as a nice place, via Radioblogger:

I talked with quite a few of the North Korean leaders and South Korean leaders, too, and spent really the most time with the head negotiator for North Korea. And I was really over there to try and persuade North and South Korea to make the DMZ into an international peace park when they sign a peace treaty, which I anticipate will be fairly soon, now that we have these six-party talks. We have agreement there. But I had a great time. I am absolutely convinced that the North Koreans are absolutely sincere. There’s really no reason for them to cheat or do anything to violate this very forward agreement. I think we can put the North Korea and East Asia problems behind us, and concentrate on Iran and Iraq, where we still have some ongoing difficulties…I saw a lot of people over there. They were thin, and they were riding bicycles instead of driving in cars. But I didn’t see any brutality in the capitol, or out in the DMZ.

Turner is echoing his former employee Eason Jordan, famous for covering up similar brutalities in Iraq. We previously reported six months ago how Jordan whitewashed the conditions in North Korea when he was trying to gain access to the country for CNN:

Wednesday night at 6:30pm ET CNN ran a special, “Inside North Korea,” based on the reporting of CNN International President Eason Jordan who managed to get into North Korea. Anchor Jonathan Mann asked who or what are being blamed for the lack of food. Jordan replied: “It depends on whom you talk to. The international relief agencies, some of the people who work there say that the plight of the people here is not just the fault of Mother Nature, that it’s also the government’s economic policies and agriculture policies. Government officials dispute that and they say this is solely a problem generated by Mother Nature and only Mother Nature can solve this problem. So there’s a real dispute about the blame in this case, but General Kim Jong Il has been personally involved in this. He has ordered all of the entire army, hundreds of thousands of troops, into the countryside to help the farmers try to harvest what crops will survive.”

These men are disgusting, as was Madeleine Albright as she danced a jig with L’il Kim. Go ahead and google “north korea gulag” and similar themes and see how offensive are the statements of apologists like Jordan and Turner — at least Jordan was toadying for corporate masters and a paycheck; Turner’s repellent, disgusting, inhuman looking away from the planet’s worst brutality appears to be given freely to the slavemasters of this Stalinist regime. We turn to a college newspaper, UPenn’s Daily Pennsylvanian, for but one account of conditions in this most vile regime:

Addressing an audience of about 135 people, Chol-Hwan described the 10 gruesome years he spent in Yodok, the most notorious labor camp in the Asian country. Chol-Hwan was put in the camp at the age of nine due to his grandfather’s opposition to the government. At the camp, he was subject to 14 hours of forced labor each day. The North Korean “concentration camps are similar to those of Hitler and Stalin’s gulags,” Chol-Hwan said. Even soccer players who had fallen out of favor by losing a game in the 1968 World Cup were imprisoned. Chol-Hwan witnessed brutal public executions in which prisoners were hung on trees and had rocks forced down their throats. Onlookers were then ordered to stone their peers to death until their skin and clothes began to peel into a bloody mangle. “The Nazis used gas chambers,” he continued. The North Korean “government uses starvation and forced labor…There was so much famine that we used to catch mice and roast them.” As meat was nonexistent in the prisoners’ daily rations of 350 grams of corn and salt, Chol-Hwan said he was so hungry that mice became a surprisingly tasty delicacy.

Hey, no problem, boys and girls; have a mouse: they’re tasty. Media giant Ted Turner saw no problems as he was escorted around the country. Neither did his employee who was currying favor from the same government. So there are no problems. Those people in the forced labor camps are just fabricating things, that’s all, or maybe they’re just chronic complainers.

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  1. DL Says:

    The real question is , Who was right in the early 1950s -Truman or MacArthur?

    Had we gone into Manchuria to chase the Chinese, would that have had an effect on Viet Nam? Russia? Would that have shortened the cold war?

    And the big question is whether we would be buying our Sharp Microwaves and Hyundai cars from the North today as well as the South?

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