Judy Miller is a victim of NYT BDS

John Podhoretz makes some excellent points that the Times’ furor with Miller is really about her reporting on WMD, and is being acted out in all sorts of inappropriate ways, including the MoDo column and the sleazy innuendo pushed by Bill Keller (who, as a matter of corporate policy and governance, ought to either fire her or apologize). Here’s the real issue:

Keller told Calame that “by waiting a year to own up to our mistakes, I allowed the anger inside and outside the paper to fester. Worse, I fear I fostered an impression that the Times put a higher premium on protecting its reporters than on coming clean with its readers. If I had lanced the WMD boil earlier, I suspect our critics — at least the honest ones — might have been less inclined to suspect that, THIS time, the paper was putting the defense of the reporter above the duty to its readers.”

Really, this is most odd. We see no reason for anger whatsoever. If Miller was wrong about WMD, so was the rest of the world, including the French and German governments and their intelligence agencies, as has been long and oft noted. It sounds like a peculiar combination of hubris and radical chic at work in the NYT: if only Judy Miller had behaved like a real investigative reporter, and not believed the evil lies of the evil Cheney and Libby, she could have blown the whistle on the evil Bush administration, and the mighty NYT could have stopped the Iraq war. We’re willing to bet that there are people at the Times who actually believe such nonsense — maybe most of them.

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