Yawn, the outrage of the Bush budget cuts

EJ Dionne thinks the cuts proposed in the budget, if they ever happen, are an outrage, and he has all sorts of examples, like 225,000 people who are working being eliminated from the food stamp program. The truth is that the cuts are a joke. $36 billion over five years? $6 billion in the first year? This is not budget-cutting, this is PR — PR for the right, the mean-spirited wing of the GOP, which ever yearns to swipe the bottle from the suckling babe. Or so the spinmeisters serving up this nonsense think.

Here’s the actual US budget, placed in historical context. You can have fun guessing which was the first year the entire federal budget was over — pause to consider this — $100 billion (1962), or which year sported the first deficit of $100 billion (1982), but you get the idea: $6 billion or $36 billion are chump change today. Here are the projected federal outlays to 2006 (the column furthest to the right):

$2.473 trillion in 2006 are the outlays of the federal government. $2.473 trillion. Almost 25x the federal budget of 1962. The proposed cuts are 0.24% of this 2006 amount….if they ever happen, if they are implemented through all the paperwork needed to make these marginal, and meaningless, changes. There is real work to do on the budget, and this is not it. We suggest that those who are pleased by these cuts, and those who are outraged, are both wrong.

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  1. Cameron Says:

    oh no going after EJ thats a no no!!!


  2. DL Says:

    Budget cutting as praacticed from both the left and right seem equivelant to combing your hair with a toothpick

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