The hidden reason behind the Democrats’ WMD tantrum

We agree with John Hinderaker and Michael Barone that the Democrats’ WMD obsession is inane, but is useful to whip up the base and the fund raising. Their explanations are completely satisfying to the rational mind. But we believe there is something irrational at work in the WMD issue — we sense real conviction, intensity and passion in some of those shouting loudest about this foolish and discredited little issue.

The image we have is of a two year old standing in a crib, shouting “Bush lied” at the top of his lungs while covering his ears with his hands.

These people have been losing elections and losing their control of government at every level for a decade, and it has driven them nuts. They live in a country which is 3 to 2 conservative over liberal and they can’t deal with it. They are losing their last lever of government power — the Supreme Court — in real time. This is what denial looks like. You’d be crazy too if it was happening to you.


As further evidence of the derangement of many Democrats, there is the fact that they based a strategy on their wish that the Fitzgerald investigation would be about Bush’s lies and would result in a media circus trial of Karl Rove. Harry Reid, as quoted in Human Events: The episode involving Libby and Wilson, summed up Reid, “is about how the Bush White House manufactured and manipulated intelligence in order to bolster its case for the war in Iraq and to discredit anyone who dared to challenge the President.” Is it rational to base an electoral strategy on the wish for a third party to do harm to your opponent? How nutty is that?

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