Buy now! Big “Iraq is Vietnam” going out of business sale!

Some days we wake up and we just don’t understand the fuss. Sure, the MSM is trying to portray Iraq as Vietnam, as we have written. So are the Democrats, as Jed Babbin says in the Spectator:

The architects of our defeat in Vietnam have dusted off their old plans and are adopting them to Iraq. They are working hard to make Kennedy’s statement [“Iraq is George Bush’s Vietnam”] come true. The whole Democrat menagerie has embarked on a campaign to Vietnamize Iraq: to make it a demonstrable defeat and by so doing regain the White House regardless of the consequences. If they succeed, Iraq will become a far greater failure than Vietnam was because the stakes are much higher abroad and at home. The next presidential election will, like the last one, be a referendum on Iraq. And if Iraq is a failure, the Democrats will be a success.

“Vietnamization” once meant arming, training and supporting an ally so that it could defend itself and thus relieve Americans of the burden. But to the Democrats and the Chernobyl Republicans who are trying to Vietnamize Iraq, Vietnam is not a nation but an outcome. To succeed in Vietnamizing Iraq, they must treat the nation’s uncertainty like uranium ore, refining it in stages into politically fissionable material. First, they must catalyze the nation’s uncertainty into doubt, and then refine public doubts about the war into conviction that America should not fight it, and that the Iraqis must be left to their own devices.

We must admit it gives us pause when normally steely types like Babbin and Ralph Peters appear to get the willies, but in the end we just can’t see it. We understand how Vietnam veterans and others affected by that war would have a deep visceral reaction to the possibility of the Ted Kennedys and Harry Reids succeeding, but we don’t see that happening, as we discussed below. The anti-war movement is a chimera of the MSM and mouth-running congressional Democrats.

We are on the backside of the slope. The war has been won and we are trying to win the peace. Elections are in a few weeks; there will be more elections after that; more violence too. US troops will begin to come home as Iraqis increasingly can do the job; let’s just hope we leave as many troops in Iraq as we have in Germany, Korea or Japan — the legacies of those wars.

It is impossible to be too cynical about Democrat tactics. We think a strong possibility for the current assault by congressional Democrats is that they know that there will be — as long predicted — a troop drawdown in 2006, and they want the credit by whining and carping about bringing troops home. Their approach negates the potential positives, however, because no matter how much they try to doll it up, their underlying portrait of the military is of brutal incompetents who they are bringing home in failure and disgrace.

Maybe we should have a “going out of business sale” for the post McCain-Feingold Democratic Party.

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  1. DL Says:

    You have them dead on target – you expose their weak underbelly, and their reflex ive desire to do harm to the nation, if necessary to get their “rightfully owned” power back. How dare Bush beat them, without even utilizing the deceit that they so rely upon to acheive their victories. Victory for the left is to be found in defeat for America.

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