An LBO for the CIA?

The CIA set up secret interrogation facilities and then exposed them through leaks. The CIA sent anti-Bush celebrity junketeer Joe Wilson to Niger and ensured he could blab about it publicly. The CIA pulled a similar stunt with Michael Scheuer. The CIA decided not to protect the name of Plame, and then asked for an investigation that they thought would lead to the White House. There appears to be only one solution for the dysfunctional mess that is the CIA, and it is the one that John Hinderaker hints at this evening: burn it down or otherwise radically change it. We have a transaction structure for your consideration.

In an LBO of the CIA, someone would take over the agency. The day before the deal closed, everyone working there would be fired. They could interview with the new owners for their old positions, but anyone who had dubious credentials or loyalty would not get a job with the new organization. Our view is that the CIA has become so dysfunctional that the solution is either the aforementioned LBO, or just shutting it down entirely. They missed the end of the USSR and the Cold War, and results haven’t improved since. Time to go.


This Powerline post contains links to more serious and scholarly approaches than ours to advance the same outcome.

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