A guy tried to open a lemonade stand:

try to jump through the legal hoops required to open a simple lemonade stand in New York City. Here’s some of what one has to do:

1) Register as sole proprietor with the County Clerk’s Office (must be done in person). 2) Apply to the IRS for an Employer Identification Number. 3) Complete 15-hr Food Protection Course! 4) After the course, register for an exam that takes 1 hr. You must score 70 percent to pass. (Sample question: “What toxins are associated with the puffer fish?”) If you pass, allow 3-5 weeks for delivery of Food Protection Certificate. 5) Register for sales tax Certificate of Authority. 6) Apply for a Temporary Food Service Establishment Permit. Must bring copies of the previous documents and completed forms to the Consumer Affairs Licensing Center.

Then, at least 21 days before opening your establishment, you must: Arrange for an inspection with the Health Department’s Bureau of Food Safety and Community Sanitation. It takes about 3 weeks to get your appointment. If you pass, you can set up a business once you: Buy a portable fire extinguisher from a company certified by the FDNY and set up a contract for waste disposal. We couldn’t finish the process. Had we been able to schedule our health inspection and open my stand legally, it would have taken us 65 days.

Big deal. In LA you can’t throw a frisbee. Fortunately, there’s not a single shred of evidence that over-regulation kills jobs. (We frankly do not know how you’d go about getting rid of all these crazy regulations, but the first step is forced attrition at every regulating agency.)

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  1. Neil Says:

    Well, that’s going to be the default mechanism. If regulations aren’t pared back in a thoughtful manner, they’re simply going to go un-enforced due to lack of resources. Except when the enforcer is motiviated by political or financial gain, of course. Which means, keep your head down and don’t come to the attention of the bureacracy.

  2. Paul Says:

    Here at GL( General Lemonade ) we support big government, and our big government friends. Cheap, low cost lemonade, isn’t cheap or low cost when you take in all the societal costs. For instance, support for our Gay Afro One Legged Blind Transgendered Union Ownership program which unlike mean spirited free markets, includes all our citizens.

    Also, we will sue you. We have world title to the word Lemonade.

    Thank you,

    General Lemonade. “Turning America Into Lemons, One Day At A Time.”

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