Good will, ill will — it doesn’t matter too much

Like you, we have in recent days read hundreds of articles on whether the cartoons were advisable or inadvisable, an appeal or a threat to moderate Muslims, a thoughtless and offensive provocation or an opportunity to be used, or both. Like you, we have read the arguments about free speech and its limits, media censorship versus the public’s right to know, and what is appropriate to say about religious traditions. In a sense, none of it matters.

Iran appears committed to war. Iran is committed to the destruction of Israel. Iran is committed to the destruction of the US. Iran is on the verge of nuclear weapons to enforce its aims. Iran is the sponsor of Hamas and Hezbollah and is willing to make common cause with those others who share its aims. These include Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and the Sunni terrorists of al Qaeda, among others. Iran is seeking the assistance of America’s other enemies to further its mission, presumably to be carried out in asymmetric warfare. Iran is not the most powerful enemy of the US, but it appears to be among the most implacable.

In a certain sense, it is a waste of time to debate little matters like cartoons as though the answer to that debate would make any difference in whether we and our allies in a shooting war with Iran in the next several years. And believe this as well: the clever Ahmadinejad will contrive to portray Iran and worldwide Islam as the victim whenever the conflict goes hot. (The PR aparatus is fully functional.) From the recent successes in the French and cartoon riots, the Islamist Imams, the international Brownshirts, and the crowds that follow them are ready for Showtime.

2 Responses to “Good will, ill will — it doesn’t matter too much”

  1. Thetriguy Says:

    This is just subterfuge on Iran’s part. “Here’s what will happen to you if you keep bothering us about building our bomb.” It’s also a way to make Europe and the rest of the world feel guilty about not forking over the funds Hamas has a “right” to as the elected representation of Palestine. My mom used guilt very well. From the looks of what Putin is doing, it looks like it’s working with them as well.

  2. owl Says:

    I have thought they had it for some time. This is just another indicator that they are ready. Cartoon PR for the masses. They played EU for the time they needed and now it is a done deal.

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