From Fort Frances to Frostbite Falls


People who follow the news on the internet often find themselves lost. That is, you follow a story via links and sometimes wind up at a local TV station or local newspaper. Often the proprietors of NewsTeam4 don’t bother to tell you where they are located — they figure you already know, or you wouldn’t be reading the site. Sometimes this is annoying, but occasionally it can be a bright spot in the day.

A somewhat odd comment on a recent post led us to the Fort Frances Times. Fort Frances seemed familiar enough; its social activities resembled those of our old home town, except for the mushers, but we had to do a little work to find out where precisely it was.

We couldn’t find too much about Fort Frances in the blogosphere, though Powerline and Lileks have entries mentioning International Falls, just across the Rainy River. We found out that the Falls have disappeared, covered by a reservoir since 1905. We discovered the Voyageurs National Park, of which we had been entirely unaware. While the US government information on the park looks bland and dreary, the park itself looks impressive, and the amenities nearby seem inviting, particularly if you like icefishing.

As for Fort Frances itself, we are looking forward to seeing the BIG chair and the mental mermaid (which we presume is a typo). The town’s website sums up its many attractions thusly: Fort Frances has the advantages of a large city, with the convenience of a small town. A world traveler and worker has summed up the benefits of life in the community of Fort Frances – “the town offers every amenity desired for comfortable living”. O, Canada!

The next stop on our local newspaper and small town journey will take us further into Coochiching County, Minnesota, to the home of the Picayune-Intelligence in Frostbite Falls. Fort Frances may have a metal mermaid, but we hear that Frostbite Falls has metal mice.

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  1. Picard102 Says:

    IFalls insipred the Rocky and Bullwinkle Frostbite Falls. Rainer contains the basis of Rocket J. Squirrel’s house on River Street.

    Fort, on the other hand, is exciting as it sounds.

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