Fortune Magazine gets it a tad wrong

Thumbing through our old magazines, we made an interesting find this evening. From the October 12, 1987 Fortune Magazine issue on billionaires, in which reporter Brian O’Reilly made what appeared at the time to be an entirely obvious prediction. Live and learn:

Even at age 31, skinny, befreckled Bill Gates looks like a bookish high-schooler doomed to be bullied all over the playground. But no one is kicking sand in the face of Microsoft’s chairman these days. With tenacity and ambition that would make a robber baron envious, William H. Gates III is driving to control all programs that run on personal computers. “A computer on every desk and in every home, running Microsoft software,” is his rallying cry.

That will never happen….

Gates had just cracked the billionaire list for the first time since taking his company public a year earlier, though within a week his stock’s value had plummeted to less than a billion due to the Crash of ’87. His stock has since recovered.

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