Undecided about United 93, but we bought tickets anyway

We read Ace’s review of United 93, as well as others’, and a commenter’s link to the WTC, and we decided to buy tickets, whether or not we use them. That way, we can support the movie commercially in any event. We have nothing but the highest admiration for those American heroes and their actions on that plane, but we think about the war every day, and the things these enemy bastards have done around the world. We need no reminder. (We also have logged over 7 million miles on United and American Airlines, and the thought that we easily could have been on one of those four planes influences our emotions towards the film.) For some reason, we also think of CIA Beirut station chief William Buckley, who was horribly killed in 1984, and we want revenge. Total payback and total victory is what we want. One more thing: we don’t know what we’d do if some little creeps in the audience started in with the ‘Bush knew’ business.

We want to see a movie where all these Islamist SOB’s are killed and their countries reduced to rubble if they should so much as raise a peep. In our rage, we don’t want simply sacrifice and heroics, as magnificent as they are; we want total and complete victory and the unconditional, humiliating surrender of the enemy — or better still, his death.

We encourage you to purchase tickets whether or not you can bring yourself to see the film.

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  1. larwyn Says:

    Jack, thank you. I will send it out and hope all will
    follow suit.

    Here are some great reads for consideration:

    “It’s impossible not to think of the image of George W. Bush reading the pet goat story in Michael Moore’s ‘Farenheit 9/11.”

    Envy is their world! Spoiling is their game!

    Not just a telling of what the LEFT is saying but a true insight into what drives their ideology, policies and behavior.

    United 93: No Heroic Deed Goes Unspoiled by the Left

    United 93: No Heroic Deed Goes Unspoiled by the Left

    I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I know how to completely eliminate the left. Well, maybe not completely. But at least 75% of them.

    If we could somehow eliminate envy from the human genome, there would be almost no reason for the left to exist. They would instantly lose that which animates them, for example, envy masquerading as justice or economic theory.
    Even the liberal movie reviewer cannot help himself from getting envious little digs into almost all of his reviews, including today’s for United 93. Although he liked the movie, in seeing it, “It’s impossible not to think of the image of George W. Bush reading the pet goat story in Michael Moore’s ‘Farenheit 9/11.” This same idiot would never review Farenheit 9/11 and write, “it’s impossible to look at this shrill leftist propaganda without thinking of the image of a stewardess having her throat slashed with a box cutter by a Muslim barbarian that Moore would call a freedom fighter.”

    In fact, be on the lookout for envious attacks on United 93, that is, “spoiling.” The envy campaign started early, with the “too soon” meme, but that is simply a case of disguised spoiling.
    …. But to use one of Freud’s most famous phrases, when it comes to the projection of envy and greed, “the one who smelt it, dealt it.”

    Click here: One Cosmos: United 93: No Heroic Deed Goes Unspoiled by the Left

    Varifrank has great post. He lost coworkers on flights on 911:
    Click here: Varifrank: United 93 and Our “Survivors Guilt”
    Varifrank: United 93 and Our Survivors Guilt

    If United 93 fails at the box office, the war on terror will be re-written in our popular culture the way that returning Vietnam vets were re-written from normal people into murdering psychopaths let loose on the general population. Like it or not, what passes for popular culture very often serves as the basis of history. Popular culture is often the lens by which historical events are later interpreted.

    If we are not careful to support this movie because of our collective sense of “survivors guilt”, then the failure of United 93 will serve as a springboard for furthering the cause defeatism that permeates most of modern era popular culture. No matter our victories in this war of which United 93 represents just the first, popular culture is already working to marginalize them as inconsequential. A ‘defeat at the marketplace” of United 93, will further make the case for those who think we must “lose to win” in their perverted logic in the worship of failure.

    I do not know yet if I can go into a theater this weekend and watch a movie like United 93, but I do know that whether I choose at this point to see the movie or not, I will be buying a ticket to ensure that the legacy of that story is given the respect that it deserves by popular culture.

    Hollywood knows nothing and cares not what tale is that is actually being told on the screen, but it does respect what happens at the box office. It will notice either a success or a failure and will react accordingly.

    You’ll love this one:
    Gerard & the NYT’s Dargis: “Reviewer Without a Clue”

    “MANOHLA DARGIS is predictably and dependably on top of the current blather points in her New York Times’ review of “United 93.” 1) Exploitation! 2) Why was it made? ”

    But that narrow focus, along with the lack of fully realized characters, and the absence of any historical or political context, raises the question of why, notwithstanding the usual (if shaky) commercial imperative, this particular movie was made. To jolt us out of complacency? Remind us of those who died? Unite us, as even the film’s title seems to urge? Entertain us?To be honest, I haven’t a clue. I didn’t need a studio movie to remind me of the humanity of the thousands who were murdered that day or the thousands who have died in the wars waged in their name.

    “Well, at least she’s being “honest” about her needs. Proof again, if more proof was needed, that you don’t have to be a clueless moron to work for the New York Times but, since you will mirror the Publisher, it certainly can’t hurt your career path. Here’s hoping the next time a mass murder goes down in New York that Ms. Dargis and her collegues at the paper have the aisle seats.”….Vanderleun April 29, 2006

    Click here: Reviewer Without a Clue @ AMERICAN DIGEST

  2. Jeff Burke Says:

    I agree with every syllable of your post. Our only hope is to turn the Muslim world into 1945 Stalingrad.

    But me and my wife were watching a tv movie of United 93. In my opinion, the Islamist hijackers looked like Indian Hindus too me wearing red bandanas. Hollyweird was very careful not to indicate clearly what language they were speaking.

    Your posting are very well written. What the NYT used to be.

    Thankfully I had some Ambien to sleep.

  3. Michael Says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about little creeps in the audience with the “Bush knew” crap. My experience was that the audience in a packed theater was dead silent throughout the move and when the house lights came up, you could hear a pin drop.

    The people filed out of this movie and I observed exactly the same look on every face – grim, sorrowful, and determned. No clowns in sight. They didn’t dare. Go see the movie. It will invigorate you.

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