What is the ‘middle ground’ between homebreakers and homeowners?

We take the Krauthammer view on illegal immigration, so we consider ourselves moderate on this issue. But we just can’t let this particular bit of superciliousness from our betters in the MSM pass, however. This from the Chicago Sun-Times:

Passions run high on both sides, and extremists hurt our chances of finding a middle ground. Among the immigrants — who are predominantly but not exclusively Mexican — many seem oblivious to their counterproductive behavior. Why else would some of them continue to defiantly wave Mexican flags at a demonstration in which they are demanding special treatment from the United States? And how can they be so blind that they would think recording the U.S. national anthem in Spanish would help their cause?

On the other extreme are those — like a majority of the U.S. House — who think it’s practical to build a fence along the Mexico-U.S. border…

What a hoot — the Sun-Times considers a majority to be extreme, because that majority does not agree with those in the lofty perch of the MSM. (To be fair, we truncated that last sentence to remove the bit about the penalties in the House bill.) But get a load of the attitude the Sun-Times demonstrates in discussing yesterday’s events, characterized by the paper as “an impressive demonstration by a group that plays a key role in the economic and cultural vitality of our nation. We suspect most Americans watched it as we did, with sympathy occasionally mixed with unease….”

We didn’t watch it at all, but the whole thing seems strange and gross to us. The idea of illegal people ‘demanding’ anything at all is as offensive as the Sun-Times editorial, particularly when you think of all those people who go through hoops and the horrible, terrible labyrinth of lawyers and government bureaucrats, spending years and thousands of dollars trying to get one of the 140,000 green cards issued annually.

There is no ‘middle ground’ between homeowners and home invaders, and to suggest that there is, with an attitude of noblesse oblige, makes our blood boil. By the way, what business is it of the Chicago Sun-Times to suggest that citizens give up the sovereignty of their country just because some people take the day off and walk around with the flags of various nations? Fortunately for us all, there is no ‘middle ground’ in the trend of the MSM as they decline towards zero year after year.

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  1. qwerty182764 Says:

    Anyone who misses them on their day off is guilty of hiring illegal labor anyways.

    Now, when in the world did “extreme”, all by itself, become some sort of epithet?! Extreme WHAT? Extreme as measured from what point on what scale? I suppose these people want men of “moderate integrity” and “middling interest” in the fate of the US to govern?

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