Moussaoui and United 93 show how unserious America is today

So you’re all upset, just like Peggy Noonan and the Daily News and on and on, that Zacarious Moussaoui was given life rather than death. Do you really mean you would feel better if Moussaoui had been given the death penalty? Are you serious? Such small beer would make you feel better? Is that how low your expectations have fallen for the United States in a matter of war?

In the Quirin case of German spies in 1942, it was 52 days from the moment the spies entered the USA until they were executed. In our pathetic country today, it was 117 days just to get an indictment of this vermin, and an appalling 1719 days from arrest to conviction. This is the stuff of a country profoundly unserious about self-preservation. Our enemies — all of them who want to kill us or convert us — need to be dead now, not five years or a life sentence from now.

Perhaps you have enthused about United 93. Perhaps you thought: “Isn’t it great that the movie was made at all, and it’s doing so well at the box office!” Rubbish. Again, think of how pathetic your expectations have become. One movie — in five years — and it’s a movie in which Americans, brave and wonderful as they are, lose. In World War II at least 60 notable films had been made during the comparable time span since Pearl Harbor, and this doesn’t count the ubiquitous newsreels of the period. Many of these movies showed brave Americans sacrificing and winning, and the ones showing uncertain outcomes trumpeted American confidence in ultimate vistory. And one movie like United 93 makes you feel better?

Armies don’t fight wars; the people fight wars. Right now the people, with their treacherous elites, aren’t doing so well. It is a tribute to your optimism that you think the death penalty for Moussaoui would make a difference. It is a tribute to your patriotism and spirit that you were enraged and energized by the heroes of flight 93. But right now, these are as grains of sand in a hostile ocean. American confidence and American desire have to back up American might or we surely cannot win this war.

All the Moussaouis need to be dead, and a hundred films like those of WWII need to be made. What will it take to wake America up?


Perhaps in response to our question above, we have received a letter from America herself, and she says she intends to keep on sleeping. (HT: Larwyn)


Mark Steyn adds more dreary facts to the pathetic timetable of the Moussaoui affair:

“America, you lose,” said Zacarias Moussaoui as he was led away from the court last week. Hard to disagree. Not just because he’ll be living a long life at taxpayers’ expense. He’d have had a good stretch of that even if he’d been “sentenced to death,” which in America means you now spend more years sitting on Death Row exhausting your appeals than the average “life” sentence in Europe. America “lost” for a more basic reason: turning a war into a court case and upgrading the enemy to a defendant ensures you pretty much lose however it turns out. And the notion, peddled by some sappy member of the ghastly 9/11 Commission on one of the cable yakfests last week, that jihadists around the world are marveling at the fairness of the U.S. justice system, is preposterous. The leisurely legal process Moussaoui enjoyed lasted longer than America’s participation in the Second World War.

Tahe’s right. The Moussaoui affair lasted longer than WWII, and even if Moussaoui had been given the death sentence, his appeals would have taken longer than the average life sentence in Europe. What was it that Shakespeare said?

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  1. larwyn Says:

    Dear Jack,
    Glad I checked back before loging off for the day. Another great post and how correct you are. We are happy to get a few crumbs – they are so totally in control of the media. But they keep losing elections, subcribers and audience share. Thanks to you and all the marvelous bloggers on our side, who are using their great talents to keep us informed and on the right track.

    Thanks for linking to another of our greats tonight, Gerard’s post is not to be missed. I am going to drop
    a few of your paragraphs and link off at American Digest now.
    I’d get so much more done if I could just stop this sleeping nonsense.
    God Bless

  2. Steven M. Warshawsky Says:

    Yes, I agree with Larwyn that you have once again summarized the situation with perfect clarity. Unlike Larwyn, however, I am not nearly so sanguine about the prospects that the sensible, conservative majority in this country ultimately will prevail.

    Does such a majority even exist? I’m not so sure, although you have documented evidence of this majority on your blog. The fact remains that ALL of the major institutions in this country — big business, government, media, academia — tilt left. Each of these institutions actively promotes “multiculturalism,” even as our national culture continues to crumble. (Big business has completely embraced bilingualism, for example.) They all oppose meaningful immigration reform. They all support the continued expansion of the welfare state in one form or another. And it simply doesn’t matter that a majority of Americans, supposedly, view things differently and would prefer a different set of outcomes.

    The Republican ascendancy has been a HUGE disappointment. All of the meaningful gains were made by Ronald Reagan two decades ago (reducing taxes and strengthening the military). Nothing significant has been achieved since. Where is our society affirmatively moving in a more conservative direction, on any major issue? On what parameter have we shown any substantial improvement? I don’t see it. Yes, we have had some “victories” here and there (Supreme Court appointments, tax cuts, welfare “reform”), but the general direction of our society remains in a decidedly non-conservative direction. How can this be doubted?

    I am frequently criticized by readers of my articles for being too negative — but other than winning some elections (see Larwyn), what have conservatives accomplished? Sure, I’m glad for conservative talk radio (but it’s mostly preaching to the choir) and Fox News (which still attracts a fraction of the audience share that ABC, CBS, and NBC receive). And yes, Republicans are *better* than Democrats, and we must elect Republicans no matter how disillusioned we are with the President’s and Congress’ failure to achieve anything of lasting importance these past 6 years.

    But talk of the Left’s demise — let alone the death of big government liberalism — is greatly exaggerated. Liberals still control this country, and effectively hamstring conservatives who try to challenge this control. And then there are the Republicans who get co-opted by the liberals, and help promote their agenda. Despicable.

    Lastly, as you have pointed out repeatedly, on the most important life-and-death issue of the day — the fight against terrorism and militant Islam — the country is half-serious at best. President Bush (who supposedly is a “warmonger”) is clearly fighting a “liberal” war: minimize casualties and collateral damage, try to “win the hearts and minds” of the enemy, engage in massive infrastructure and welfare programs among the enemy population — even before they have been defeated, etc. He won’t even name the true enemy in this conflict. Hint: it’s not just a handful of terrorists.

    True, the Democrats would not have fought this war at all. They have become completely red or yellow, depending on how you look at it.

    But the days of fighting to achieve total victory, of crushing the enemy, and killing millions of the enemy’s young men (which is the only way to “win” an existential war) are long gone. It’s been said many times before — there is no way our society could fight World War Two today. Our country back in the 1930s and 1940s was far from perfect, but it possessed a degree of courage, commitment, stamina, and patriotism that simply no longer exists. If we don’t regain these qualities very soon, I truly fear the result will be tragedy, both for us and the rest of the civilized world.

  3. Michael Andreyakovich Says:

    Personally, I’m going to kill myself before the Muslims do it for me.

  4. ShrinkWrapped Says:

    The 9/11 Memorial

    The newspapers were filled with stories on Friday about the World Trade Center memorial. It seems that the cost estimates for the Memorial have nearly doubled to $1 Billion; that is, Billion with a B. Mayor Bloomberg is unhappy. According

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