Feel the love

Karl Vick, called the new Walter Duranty by prominent commentators, via the WaPo, sees a lot of positive things in a guy whose government kill homosexuals, and makes various unattractive statements about annihilating certain people:

The ordinary Iranians who poured into the local soccer stadium to hear President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad one day last month arrived carrying high hopes and handwritten letters. They left with just the hopes. The letters were collected in oversize cardboard boxes, then hoisted into the postal van Ahmadinejad has taken to parking prominently when he barnstorms the provinces, in an audacious campaign to make every Iranian’s wish come true….

[O]rdinary people marvel at how their president comes across as someone in touch, as populist candidate turned caring incumbent. In speeches, 17-hour workdays and biweekly trips like the one that brought him here to Central Province, Ahmadinejad showcases a relentless preoccupation with the health, housing and, most of all, money problems that may barely register on the global agenda but represent the most clear and present danger for most in this nation of 70 million.

Can’t we all just get along? Maybe yes, maybe no. For our part, we have some level of confidence that, as the bedrock issue of our current war, President Bush can be trusted to take out their capability before it is too late — but we’ve been disappointed before.

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