Why do we have to get this from the Times of India?


Masked gunmen stopped two mini vans carrying students north of Baghdad on Sunday, ordered the passengers off, separated Shias from Sunnis and killed the 21 Shias “in the name of Islam”, a witness said.

Why does the Google search deliver almost no US results up front for the headline: 21 Shia students shot dead in Iraq. Why does the CBS story linked via the Google search report the atrocity this way, and only in paragraph five:

His comments followed the daytime abductions of 50 people in downtown Baghdad by gunmen wearing police uniforms and the shooting deaths of 21 Shiites north of the capital, including students who were pulled from their minivans.

Why do we not hear more about an unbelievable atrocity — dragging kids off buses and shooting them in the heads in the name of Islam? Why instead are there tens of millions of Google hits for any mention of Haditha? Is it because the former story reflects so poorly on Islam, and the latter possibly on the American military? Or are we just imagining things?


So you can appreciate the true horror of what was done to these kids in the name of religion, here’s more of the story:

In the minibus ambush, a car and an SUV stopped the vehicles near the town of Qara Tappah, about 75 miles northeast of Baghdad and near Diyala province, electrician Haqi Ismail, 48, said. Ismail said he had been driving his pickup truck behind the vans and was stopped too. About 15 masked men wearing traditional robes known as a dishdashas forced everyone out of the vehicles, he said.

“They asked us to show our IDs, and then instructed us to stand in a line, separating the Sunnis from the Shias due to the IDs and also due to the faces,” said Ismail, a Shia Kurd. He said the gunmen ordered the Shias to lie down and before they opened fire one shouted, “On behalf of Islam, today we will dig a mass grave for you. You are traitors.” “One gunmen kicked me to be sure that I was dead,” he said, speaking from his hospital bed.

Such evil should be wiped from the face of the earth.

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