The last five years have been our 1930’s

Overview: since 2001, we have come to understand the nature and depth of the problem we face in the world, and Afghanistan and Iraq have been an important part of setting the context for our long war. The recent murders of 21 Muslim boys by 15 Muslim men in Iraq in the name of Islam have helped crystallize our thoughts. The 1930’s set the context for World War II; we have squeezed our 1930’s into just five years.

It seems to us that there is a meaning to the Mosaic Commandment not to take God’s name in vain that goes far beyond taking false oaths or swearing, namely this: doing evil acts while specifically invoking the name and authority of God is profoundly evil. Doing so is truly and completely taking God’s name in vain, if God is good. It is, indeed, an utter perversion of the idea of religion, if religion is something that humans should hold in any regard. Something is very wrong with religion if it permits invoking God’s name for the killing of innocents, or does not even recognize that this is an evil thing.

There doesn’t seem to us much on earth more evil than deliberately targeting and killing children, with the exception of killing children specifically on behalf of God and religion. That is why we found the story so disturbing and horrific of the 21 Shiite children who were executed by 15 other Muslims, all “in the name of Islam.”

Well, you point out to us, what about all the terrorists in Israel with their pre-suicide videos, or the beheaders of Danny Pearl or Eugene Armstrong with all their taped ‘Allahu Akbar’s, or those jolly fellows who wanted to decapitate the Canadian prime minister? What about the beltway snipers, or the North Carolina SUV crasher, or the Egyptian gunman who killed those people at the El Al counter at LAX? What about the London subway bombers or the murder-threatening Cartoon Rioters or the men who wanted Abdul Rahman’s death? What about the Bali and Jakarta bombers and the Beslan massacre? For that matter, what about Sirhan Sirhan, or Munich 72, or the Marines in Lebanon, or the Cole of Khobar Towers, or the African embassies; what about the hijackers of United 93? They were all Muslims praying to and invoking the name and authority of their God. What is special about the killings of the 21 Shiite kids?

One answer is that the killing of these kids seems particularly pointless and random, and hence all the more evil to us. But there are other answers too. In many of the murders mentioned above, it is possible to let the sheer evil of the acts get diluted by some political change the murders supposedly are intended to bring about. That seems less obvious here. And the senseless murders of these Muslim children make a point that cries out to the world: these killers will not stop, even if every Jew and Christian were to vanish from the face of the earth. The Muslim killers are going to keep finding innocents to kill in the name of Islam and their God.

There were sound reasons for making war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and we wholeheartedly support those campaigns in our long war. Beyond their practical aspects, however, there is a genius in these engagements in the Islamic world, a total change in mind-set that they have brought about. On September 11, 2001 not one in a hundred Americans understood what was happening, why such ridiculous and terrible attacks were taking place. When newsmen quoted from bin Laden’s 1998 declaration of war, it all sounded so crazy, like some fantasy ideology. Osama was an outlier, not the pattern; now that has all reversed. Today we can see that the snake has many heads. Bin Laden, Ahmadinejad, Zawahiri, Zarqawi, and all their mini-me’s from Canada to Indonesia, from the UK to North Carolina, and every day in Afghanistan and Iraq. The problem is worldwide and large.

The execution of 21 Muslim children by 15 Muslim men in the name of Islam underscores that something is very wrong near the heart of Islam, and we are capable of hearing that message today only because we have come to be engaged with the Islamic world over the last five years in ways that most Americans never imagined possible. (That was not the intention of the MSM of course. They have largely thought that, by featuring the daily atrocities and car bombings, they were feeding an anti-war agenda; what they have unintentionally accomplished is to highlight the massive problem we face, and to make themselves look ridiculous. Similarly, the Western apologists who say that various murders and plots have nothing to do with Islam have made themselves look absurd, when the murderers and plotters proudly announce that they make Jihad at the command and in the name of God and Islam.)

The world faces a profound problem when men do not feel shame at muder, but instead proudly announce that they murder in the name of and at the behest of God. We understand the matter differently when it is not Crusaders versus Muslims, but Muslim men murdering Muslim boys in the name of Islam. The last five years has given us the context to understand the systemic nature of this problem. That is not a solution, but a necessary pre-condition to bringing about a solution. In our view, the big part of this war is still to come. World War II would not have made sense to anybody without watching the rise of German and Japanese ideologies and militarism in the 1930’s. We have now had our 1930’s.


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  1. Bird Dog Says:

    Well put.

  2. JT26 Says:

    Islamofascists are human trash, and the trash needs taken out because it is getting very ripe.

  3. rainwolf Says:

    What I fail to understand in concept, is the killing of muslims by muslims, as noted in this story. There is an element of hate regarding one muslim sect against another, but they are all still muslims, believing in the same “god”. How can they justify these brutal acts against their brethren? And do so in the name of their collective god?

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