Terrible problems arise when truth is low on the list of values

Which is the worse mess, the Islamic world or the fantasy world of the MSM? Sometimes it’s hard to decide. Consider this from the IHT, talking about that poll the other day (discussed here) in which vast numbers of Muslims said that Arabs did not carry out 9-11:

In what the Pew Global Attitudes Project called one of the survey’s most striking findings, majorities in Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, and Turkey – Muslims countries with fairly strong ties to the United States – said, for example, that they did not believe that Arabs carried out the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

This was just one finding illustrating the chasm in beliefs between the two groups…

This characterization of Muslim denial as a “chasm in beliefs” is rubbish. The Muslim world may now deny that Arabs did 9-11, though many sure celebrated at the time, and that denial may come from the fact that truth is a not the highest value in an honor-shame society, or it may come from an ingrained sense of victimhood taught as part of religion, or from some other cause. But the denial is ridiculous on its face. It is a symptom of big trouble for the world that people think those responsible for 9-11 is a matter of dispute, when we know all about the hijackers’ identities and the origins of the plot — and when the plotters have explicitly claimed responsibility. People might be ignorant, demented, or in denial, but they are not entitled to facts that are totally at odds with reality. Water does not flow uphill, even if you fervently wish, or pray five times a day, that it were so.

But what is even worse than the ridiculous denial of reality in the Muslim world is its inexcusable mirror-image in the well-educated elites of the MSM. How dare the MSM dignify the demented speculations of misled people as a “chasm in beliefs.” “Belief” has no business in the matter. We know reality, and those who choose to deny reality are foolish, misled, insane, culturally blinkered, or otherwise hobbled in their understanding of reality and the world. For the MSM to dignify unreality rather than to state what is is clearly (and condemn it, for that matter) is unacceptable. It plays to the worst in the enemy, and it debases the traditions of the Enlightenment, practicality and common sense on which the Western world relies for its existence and legitimacy.

Yet to the MSM, there is a “chasm in beliefs.” One opinion is just as good as the other. No judgment here. What would the MSM base such a judgment on, after all? Has there really ever been “proof” that 9-11 happened? Were you on the planes? Didn’t those Jews miss work that day? Weren’t there explosive charges in the WTC basement? One opinion is as good as the next, and mightn’t those tapes of Osama been doctored? And can you speak Arabic by the way, to tell what was definitively said by that “Osama” on the tape? It was a CIA put-up job, wasn’t it — them and the Mossad?

Here’s a chasm in belief for you: there are those who think the MSM are good and trustworthy, and there are those who believe that they must be stopped before they get us all killed. Which side of that chasm are you on?

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  1. DL Says:

    No surprise: these are the same people that deny the Holocaust ever happened.

    Apparently, “thou shalt not lie” is not a central tenet of the faith.

  2. spurwing plover Says:

    These radicals are what some blabbering fools would call the RELIGION OF PEACE what a sick sick joke

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