The heavy and inappropriate burdens on our soldiers

After reading this by Oak Leaf, we have to say we no longer understand why anyone would serve in the military, given our courts, our MSM, and our political opposition. If a soldier goes to war, he will be defamed in the most outrageous ways, he will be told he can’t win, he will have his mission mocked and undermined, he will be prosecuted if the enemy claims he killed the wrong person, he will see his comrades tortured without his nation rising up as one in fury and steely resolve, he will be condemned and silenced if he makes fun of the enemy, he will see his country’s war secrets given to the enemy with impunity, he will see his enemy given the rights of his wife and children, and he will be told he is morally inferior if he challenges the elites in his country who so look down on him.


As for our own feelings, we’re all about “thank you” to our military men in their dangerous work, and “Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead!”

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