More puzzling electoral numbers

Voice of America:

Preliminary national exit poll data suggested that 73 percent of Asian Americans voted for President Obama, while only 26 percent supported his Republican rival, Mitt Romney.

Spengler has more. This is the group most discriminated against by America’s universities. What’s going on?

Bonus fun: VDH speculates that Romney was this year’s John Kerry, and Bush 2004 did a little better among Mormons than Romney. Huh?

More, via Instapundit: 2012 was the nation’s first Moneyball election. Prior to this, we had no idea what Moneyball is. This makes a good deal of sense to us, and helps explain the success of the media-Axelrod strategy. Early targeted narratives to make your opponent poison to selected demographics.

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    Everything works when you don’t strike back.

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