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How does anyone get fewer votes than John McCain? We understand that the opposition painted him as a murdering ogre and had excellent database and turnout operations. But McCain ran an inept campaign against a rock star. He actually suspended it for a time, showing awful judgment. The last four years have been no picnic. Add all that up and while we can appreciate that it’s hard to beat an incumbent, we still find it hard to understand how McCain beat Romney.

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  1. CNC Says:

    Voter fraud, pure and simple. Check out the reports coming out of Florida, Philly, PA, Cleveland, OH and Colorado.

  2. reliapundit Says:

    1 – voter fraud
    2 – anti-mormon bigotry by evangelicals
    3 – dream act executive order and gay marriage decreases gop’s latino and gay vote
    4 – mitt was too nice to obama

    we lost the race by 407,000 vote in 4 states or 102,00 per key battleground state.

  3. MarkD Says:

    All the above can be true and are still irrelevant. Mitt never made the sale. Was anyone besides his wife emotionally invested in seeing him win?

    How, exactly, was voting for him supposed to improve the life of a college student, a Latino, a single mother, a factory worker in Ohio, a small business owner in Pennsylvania… It’s marketing. Any car will get you from A to B. Yet car makers make you want their product, because.

    With Romney, there was no because. Most people have lives, and are not interested in politics beyond what is the government going to do for and to me. Romney never attacked Obama’s indefensible record. You don’t defeat an incumbent playing defense.

    Locally, our Congresswoman was defeated by the former Congressman in a close race. One of his more effective ads was one attacking her by casting her opposition to the Department of Education as opposition to education. It might have been effective for her to contrast how expensive and ineffective education has become since the Feds got involved, but she didn’t make that argument.

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