Although Romney won among voters over 30 by 1.9 million, he lost among those under 30 by 5.4 million. And this from Kimberly Strassel:

In Florida, 238,000 more Hispanics voted than in 2008, and Mr. Obama got 60% of Hispanic voters. His total margin of victory in Florida was 78,000 votes, so that demographic alone won it for him. Or consider Ohio, where Mr. Romney won independents by 10 points. The lead mattered little, though, given that black turnout increased by 178,000 votes, and the president won 96% of the black vote. Mr. Obama’s margin of victory there was 103,000.

And this from RCP:

CNN asked “What is the most important candidate quality to your vote?” The response options were “Strong Leader,” “Shares Your Values,” “Has a Vision for the Future,” and “Cares about People.” Among folks that chose one of the first three responses, Mitt Romney won between 54-61% of their vote. But, among folks who chose “Cares About People,” Romney lost dramatically – 81-18%.

There are many lessons and warnings here, but we’ll reserve them for a different occasion. Losing those under 30 by 5.4 million votes? Hmmmm.

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  1. Neil Says:

    That would have to mean that an awful lot of Baby Boomers didn’t vote, and that an awful lot of under-24 did vote.

  2. Determinatus Says:

    Just goes to show you how stupid those under 30 are with regards to policy and Constitutionalism.
    Thanks Teachers!!!

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