56% of Democrats think Israel’s actions unjustified or too harsh

56% of Democrats and 59% of liberals believe that Israel’s actions in this current conflict have been unjustified or were excessively harsh. Michael Barone wrote about this. Here are the numbers in a poll by the LA Times:


As Barone said, “These numbers would have been astonishing 50 years ago and surprising 20 years ago….Left-wing anti-Israel sentiment is not confined to a few odd corners of the academic world; it has become a mass constituency in the Democratic Party.”

We also recall Bill Kristol’s statement: “the Democratic party doesn’t really want to fight jihadism. It’s just too difficult.” Unfortunately, Mr. Kristol, it appears to be worse than that. Those Americans who are pro-Israel and pro-the-fight-against-jihadism may increasingly find, like Joe Lieberman, that they do not have a natural home in the Democratic Party.

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  1. Pete Robinson Says:

    What exactly did you expect from the LA Slimes?
    Or its latest owner the NY Slimes?

    I haven’t relied on either one for any info whatsoever for many years.

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