Ahmadinejad makes sense — that’s why he’s dangerous

We fancy that we understand Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a certain extent. Further, we think he makes a great deal of sense.

It all depends on your perspective on things. If is is true that there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger, and if life is about salvation of the soul according to the Koran, and if it is the duty of Muslims to command good and forbid evil (as they understand it) throughout the entire world, and if the West is wicked and debauched and must be brought down by the forces of justice, and if it has been prophesied that the 12th imam will return during a time of great evil, stress and travail to deliver the world into an era of justice, then Mahmoud Ahmadinejad makes all the sense in the world.

Further, we have to say that we don’t think it is strange, outlandish or deranged to have such beliefs. After all, Islam has been around for an awfully long time, and has some great periods of conquest and rule in its past. There are many Muslims who would reject Ahmadinejad’s theology or at least his anagogical views, but there are lots of Muslims who agree with him as well. Who are we to say that this cannot or will not happen again, even in the near future?

We happen to believe things quite different from Mr. Ahmadinejad. We believe that the fascination with and promotion of death and suicide by the Islamists shows that they have veered into something akin to devil worship. If God is worth anything at all, He must be a Being who affirms life. Otherwise, to hell with him. There is a reasonable consensus of most of the earth’s major religions on this point — and that is because it is a human point as well. Moses, one of the top dozen humans ever to live, codified this on two tablets a couple of thousand years ago. In an important sense, we don’t learn morality from a book; in some sense, like Moses, we all write a little bit of the book with how we approach life.

A religion that veers into death worship, indifference to life, glorification of slaughter, and praise of suicide has ceased to be a religion, in our opinion. But that’s not our point today. Rather, we understand how a man can utterly reject this vale of tears in favor of a promised golden future. Ahmadinejad’s greatest sin perhaps is not to have the modesty to ask: “What if I’m wrong?” But his attitude, his zeal, and his willingness to destroy everything in the way of his achievement are perfectly understandable.

For our part, we believe we have the moral high ground versus Ahmadinejad, and that is certainly a good thing when it comes to war. His followers will believe that they have the high ground too — and that gives them certain advantages in that their vision allows and mandates that they happily throw themselves into death. It is the gravest mistake not to understand that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a man who makes sense, both to himself and to the millions worldwide who follow him — defeat could flow from such a mistake. In an interesting (and scary) way, we will actually learn something about whose God might be real by seeing who emerges as the victor in this coming conflagration.

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  1. David/California Says:

    Interestingly, I agree with your list of the vlaues of Islam as it is currently practiced by jihadists, but I don’t believe the religion has “veered” anywhere. I believe the beliefs you ennumerate were always contained in the religion’s beliefs.

    I believe Islam, or Mohammedism, is at its core derivitive of the worship of ‘Baal’ (a pagan god worshipped in the Middle East by early civilizations). According to scholars, Baal’s pernicious influence (human sacrifice and nihilism being the constant theme) has infected a great many Mesopotamian religions over the millenniums. I believe Mohammedism is only the latest. Stripped of the trappings of Arab poetry and Judeo-Christian symbolism, I’ve concluded some or all of Mohammedism’s core values – human sacrifice, anti-intellectualism, institutionalized rape (forced ‘marriage’, rape of ‘infidel’ women to produce followers), slavery, misogyny, pedophilia, apartheid, totalitarianism, piracy, legitimatizing plunder, etc. – can all be traced to the much earlier tenets of Baal’s worshippers.

    The Mohammedists’ values (or, in my view, pathologies) inform their tactics and their organization. No clearer correlation exists than the form the Mohammedist theocracies (Iran, Hesbollah, Hamas, Saudi Arabia, etc.). They most closely resemble the Soviet Politboro, U.S. Mafia, or the Japanese Yakuza.

    While this assertion of causality is only my personal opinion, I think the correlation of the nihilistic values of Baal and the jihadists in convincing. This is not a “clash of civilizations”, but a war of extermination waged by barbarian gangs espousing a pagan belief system against 3,000 years of civilization. Judeo-Christian values have always been at war with Baal.

    Unhappily, our secularists mistook a several century interlude of relative peace for victory, and now refuse to admit their blunder.

  2. moderate person Says:

    dont call Islam Mohammedism. He is just a human being that walked the earth and died. He made us understand what Islam means. Its the same religion practiced by Abrahim. Calling it Mohammedism connotes that Mohammed made it up. So please DONT call it that. You must have read books from the 60’s and 70’s which used that flawed title. It is wrong!!!!

  3. David/California Says:

    Actually, moderate person, Winston Churchill used that title 80 years ago, and he was repeating scholars going back several centuries.

  4. Mohammed Says:

    I, Mohammed, did make-up this BS. I got tired of all the fighting in the 7th century, so I decided “peace” could be achieved by killing all people that don’t agree with my views.

    I came up with the “allah” title for the heathen. How could they argue against it? And calling myself his prophet, well the rest is history.

    By the way, Hell is a terrible place. Please accept Jesus as the True savior!

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