TCM vs. your daughter’s course in American history

The Juiia’s and their teachers rule the world of the young, and by big margins — 5.4 million votes most recently.

The kids today think they are the apotheosis of American history. After all, they have been taught that America has been defined by a journey to wipe out the wickedness of discrimination, and all previous generations are inferior. (Exhibit A: Sandra Fluke is agitating in favor of the transexual army.) It’s not entirely their fault that they think this. After all, each generation for quite a while has seen technological innovations unimagined only a short while before, so a metaphor of continuous moral improvement seems somehow plausible. More importantly, this has been what they have been taught throughout their lives (pity each child taught by someone with a graduate degree in education).

This moral smugness is abroad throughout the land. We see it in on the left coast, and on the editorial board of the Crimson. (We wonder what the Harvard boys think of Richard Lindzen down the street.) It’s all very depressing to think that the next generation of children in America will be raised, standing on the shoulders of pygmies.

Now of course it’s not impossible for things to change. 40% of children are born out of wedlock, which is a disaster for the continuation and right ordering of any society, but who’s to say that that won’t change after the massive inflation undertaken by the Fed at some point to devalue to Treasury’s debt. Who’s to say that a campaign to ostracize the irresponsible fathers, as proposed by Charles Murray, might not gain some footing. Changes do happen after all. The temperance movement got alcohol banned for 14 years throughout the entire United States. Everyone used to smoke and now few do. So changes happen.

Perhaps the most important change is to break the metaphor between technological progress and moral improvement, which so well serves the left and its utopian fantasies. In that regard, we have a modest proposal. The young prattle on about how every group was oppressed in previous generations. Life was horrible until today, and anyone that was happy only had false consciousness. Really? Let the youngster skip that women’s studies course until next semester and watch TCM for a bit, with a phone or a tablet to cross-reference what they’re watching. The Oscar films or perhaps Spencer Tracy’s rather remarkable pre-Hays films or other pre-code selections — again, with google available to supply the subtitles and add richness to the experience.

Was Hollywood wicked too? Were the actors possessed of false consciousness? Was the suffering and poverty sometimes on display in those times inauthentic and inferior to the majesty of being 20 years old today? None of this is a panacea, but it’s at least in a media format that the young understand. Next stop: replacing the appalling, vulgar, morally degrading music of today with the Great American Songbook. Dream on!

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    Bring back the Great American Songbook? Maybe not so difficult to do:

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