The 1950’s are now illegal, and other matters

As a young lad we had a Fanner 50 and everybody had a BB gun. Now if you have a photo of the offending instruments, you get harassed by teachers and kicked out of school. And the 3R’s have been replaced by the 3X’s in kindergarten. The world has been stood on its head.

There are limits to this foolishness (we keep hoping there are at least). As we were saying the other day, the young have been taught that they are the apotheosis of America and all who have gone before have been terribly flawed. The proof of this is that some form of discrimination still exists that went unchallenged by the prior generation. But has anyone noticed that whatever counts as the “civil rights issue of our time” has almost no actual victims anymore, indeed, in some cases, there might not be a single one, except in theory.

We reached a very strange place in this nation’s history. Very strange.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    I had a pair of Fanner 50 pistols as well.

    Imagine the ads being aired today.

    Here is one:

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