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The following is page 21 of the government’s draft application that Americans would use to access the health law’s subsidized insurance coverage. To get to this page you have already filled in 20 pages of form after form about your family, medical conditions, employment history and all sorts of things. Only then do you get to contend with items like your employer’s EIN (upper right corner).


Lest you think you might not need this form, consider that “premiums for some consumers buying their own plans could go up as much as 116%, and small-business rates as much as 25% to 50%.” So a lot of people in theory will be filling out this 21 page application. We have a question: considering that half of Detroit is illiterate and 80% of NYCHS college entrants at CCNY lack sufficient reading skills to matriculate, how are the applicants going to get beyond page one, let alone getting to page 21?

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  1. D Says:

    When the employees of Gannett, or NYT, or a few state governments, have to do this, we might get some action. It’s difficult to see how this doesn’t implode.

  2. Maggie's Farm Says:

    Monday morning links…

    NPR goes rogue on Disability Abuse Mike Bloomberg, Liberal Fascist Thomas Sowell to Newsmax: GOP Outreach to Blacks ‘Most Unpromising’ What Sequester? Federal Jobs Website Lists Thousands of Openings Hispanics to Become Majority in California…

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