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the Yankees ask for identification cards from beer buyers of all ages. So do the Boston Celtics; the Fairway supermarket chain…Blockheads co-owner, Ken Sofer, says his policy was devised, back in 1993, to be nonprejudicial. He also declared an expired license invalid at Blockheads, even if the picture on it is of the old person…The manager, 33-year-old Vicky Contreras, was at a table there one afternoon, doing the accounts. “We card everyone,” she said. “It’s procedure. You can’t ask for ID from young people and not old people. That’s profiling.”…”We don’t discriminate,” said Ms. Severino…Craig Johnson, 53, says…”If you’re 90 years old in a wheelchair, you’re checked”

Of course this is a discriminatory practice. It discriminates against a society in which common sense is allowed. Our question is different, however. If asking every 90 year old for a valid, government-issued ID to buy a beer is sensible, why is presenting an ID to vote a bad thing?

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  1. Bosun Says:

    Common sense is long gone from this “society”.

  2. MarkD Says:

    Because it will prevent ineligible Democrats from voting. Next question, please.

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