An excellent point about the Angry Left

Mark Steyn on the superiority of the Angry to the Passive:

[T]asteful passivity is the default mode of the age: Five years ago it was striking, even in the immediate aftermath [of 9-11], how many radio and TV trailers for blood drives and other relief efforts could only bring themselves over the soupy music track to refer vaguely to “the tragic events,” as if any formulation more robust might prove controversial.

Passivity is far slyer and more lethal than rabid Bush hatred. Say what you like about the left-wing kooks but they can still get a good hate on. Sure, they hate Bush and Cheney and Rummy and Halliburton and Fox News and Rush Limbaugh rather than Saddam and the jihadists, but at least they can still muster primal emotions. Every morning I wake up to a gazillion e-mails from fellows wishing me ill, usually beginning by calling me a “chicken hawk” followed by a generous smattering of words I can only print here peppered with asterisks, and usually ending with pledges to come round and shove various items in a particular part of my anatomy. There’s so much shipping scheduled to go up there I ought to get Dubai Ports World in to run it….

At what point does a society become simply too genteel to wage war? We’re like those apocryphal Victorian matrons who covered up the legs of their pianos. Acts of war against America have to be draped in bathetic music and uncomprehending reflections and crescents of embrace. We fight tastefully, too. Last week one of America’s unmanned drones could have killed 200 Taliban big shots but they were attending a funeral and we apparently have a policy of not killing anybody near cemeteries out of sensitivity. So even our unmanned drones are obliged to behave with sensitivity. But then, these days the very soundtrack to our society is, so to speak, an unmanned drone.

It’s not only the Left that’s Angry. A lot of conservatives are pretty angry too. Now if they all could get angry about that same thing, what a day that would be for America.


Bret Stephens has some observations as well on the Angry Left.

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  1. Pug Says:

    At what point does a society become simply too genteel to wage war?

    The day they start to depend on someone else to do the actual fighting, kind of like Mark Steyn.

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