A GOP Congressman said his calls are running 498 to 2 against a Syria attack. More surprisingly, a California Democrat Congresswoman says her calls are 100 to 1 against. This is a disaster, one so bad that it has caused a fundraiser to be taken off the schedule.

2 Responses to “Disaster”

  1. James Says:

    This is a disaster for the O. Not even touching upon the stupid run up to the “courageous” decision to go to Congress, we have the making of an all time blunder. By going to Congress O is forcing all his political allies to either back him and therefore publicly abandon every position they’ve used for the last 10 years to gain power or deny him and essentially end his presidency. This is why I want a roll cal vote to get every one of the dems on record. You can see them going thru all kinds of contortions on this. The same goes for the MSM!

  2. Chris Says:

    Slogan for the new anti-war front;


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