Life saver tossed to drowning man

Putin threw a life saver to a drowning man. WaPo:

President Obama on Monday called a Russian proposal for Syria to turn over control of its chemical weapons to international monitors in order to avoid a military strike a “potentially positive development,” that could represent a “significant breakthrough,” but he said he remains skeptical the Syrian government would follow through on its obligations based on its recent track record. “Between the statements that we saw from the Russians — the statement today from the Syrians — this represents a potentially positive development,” Obama said in an interview with NBC News, according to a transcript provided by the network. “We are going to run this to ground. John Kerry will be talking to his Russian counterpart. We’re going to make sure that we see how serious these proposals are.” In a separate interview with ABC, Obama said that if Assad were to give up his chemical weapons, a military strike would “absolutely” be on pause. The proposal by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov in Moscow offered the first indication that a diplomatic solution may be possible

With the bombing proposal set to fail in the House, given the lopsided margins of voters against it, the smart political move would be to defer the vote and declare victory for smart diplomacy. The media could go back to its usual narrative, and many Democrats would breathe a sigh of relief. We’ll know whether he takes the bait soon. Ah, but Putin is a clever fellow. We wonder what the price tag is on that life ring.

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