While we’re trying on election analogies, why not 1976?

The polls show that Americans may well prefer Democrats in 2006 in many races nationwide. We have plenty of problems with polls, but it is certainly possible that the average findings of the polls are correct, and that would be understandable in many ways. It is ridiculous, after all, to fight a weak and wobbly war, and to pretend that Hamas and the forces behind and related ideologically to it want anything other than our destruction, as has been the course sometimes chosen by the Bush administration. Such matters, along with the fecklessness of the administration on immigration and its maddening refusal to engage the ideological and religious elements of this war, are sufficient cause for the GOP to lose.

Since our enemy will come after us until he and his ideology are wiped out or kept out of and away from the civilized world, it really doesn’t matter, in one sense, what the doves on the Left say. Experience, that most brutal of teachers, will one day perhaps teach even them. [It won’t happen anytime soon, however — ed.]

Americans may objectively turn left in November, but it won’t be because of Mark Foley. To use an analogy, Jimmy Carter beat Gerry Ford in 1976, but it wasn’t because America wanted Carter’s wrongheadedness and weakness. Americans showed that pretty decisively in 1980 when they elected Ronald Reagan.

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